DTG: SHTF Dental Kit

Defensive Training Group has a good post up about a VERY important subject. I bought my first emergency dental kit and “Where There Is No Dentist” from Nitro Pak back in the mid 90’s, due to realizing a dental issue in the field can be very debilitating. I have since then acquired tooth extraction pliers (three different ones), and some of the items recommended in this article.



Go on over to Survival Medicine and check this out!

Sample graf:  “Anyone who has had to perform a task while simultaneously dealing with a bad toothache can attest to the effect on the amount and quality of work done. If your teeth hurt badly, it’s unlikely that your mind can concentrate on anything other than the pain. Therefore, it only makes sense that you must learn basic dental hygiene, care, and procedures to keep your people at full work efficiency. It could easily be the difference between success and failure in a collapse. In normal times, however, you should understand that the practice of dentistry without a license is illegal and punishable by law. Seek modern and standard dental care wherever and whenever it is available. “

where there is no dentist

While you’re at it, another good reference is, “Where There Is No Dentist,” by Murray Dickson.  First Aid also includes dental issues!

After you check both the site and the book out, consider getting your check up ASAP, as well as any preventative work you may have been putting off.  If SHTF, you’ll be very, VERY glad you did.


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One thought on “DTG: SHTF Dental Kit

  1. Pure (I said pure) clove oil will often negate tooth/gum when applied directly. It is one of the most potent antibiotics from nature. I still have a cracked root tooth the dentist said would probably have to go. 3-4 days treating and now 6 months later, no pain and solid grinder. At the least pre treat before pulling, less pain, less infection, less healing. Don’t go cheap, some oils not pure, recommend Young Living brand. $20/ 15ml bottle.

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