Do You Feel The Burns Yet?

There is a saying by a Scot named Burns (ironic), that says “The best laid plans o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley”. Basically, this means that no matter whether you are a big or a small entity, a well laid plan can get screwed up. From what I’ve seen in the Oregon debacle, there wasn’t even a “well laid plan”, and it more resembled my friends and I as teenagers running around in the woods playing war, thinking we knew all about strategy, operations and tactics, but in reality, being clueless to the realities.

I’ve heard a number of people make statements that concern the “Oregon Standoff” that could best be described kindly as ignorant and naive, and more assertively as “cluelessly stuck on theoretical stupid”. I have been keeping up to speed on what’s going on there through a friend who unfortunately has a buddy in the middle of the situation. Although my knowledge of the situation is in no way “first hand”, I dare say it is light years ahead of the average “commenting knowitall”, and everything I will say here, as to the facts on the ground,  is coming from a source I trust and has been involved in this situation, as well as “Sugar Pine Mine” and others.

Considering we have no go to source “On the ground information disseminator” (yeah, what’s up with that? I thought a certain project was specifically geared, equipped, and funded to do exactly that, but after all those expensive donations, it’s nowhere to be seen. Maybe the short bus needed an oil change, huh?), most of you have had to rely on social media or blogs to get info that was even close to being accurate and not “Liberal sided”. On that side of things, I’ve seen this compared to “Shays Rebellion”, and I believe that spin is not only wrong, but is designed to give excuse to the Laws, Regs, and Executive Orders that will follow this situation, no matter how it ends.

Here are some facts. Fact one, Although it’s hard to believe from the execution of the operation, this was in the works for at least a month prior to the protest rally that happened on the 2nd of January. Either there was practically criminal ineptitude by those running it (Yes, “criminal” because this could get people they are directing killed), or it was purposely set up for failure by someone on the inside whose only job is to make a situation that gives The Powers That Be an excuse to drop the hammer.

Fact two, The “Standoffees” had their trailers and equipment staged on or about Thursday evening before the rally on Saturday. “Why is this important?” you ask. Well, considering the Hammonds said “We don’t want that type of response.” I think that is a brazen disregard for the wishes of the people who are at middle of the situation, and the Hammond’s cause is their primary raison d’etre for conducting the standoff to begin with, correct?

The “Standoffees” say they are peaceful and will only use force to defend themselves. My question is this. If the Feds come in and say “Please leave the premises.” and they refuse, what then? If the Feds say “We are now going to escort you out.” and they then use non deadly force to take them out of the building, will the “Standoffees” use their weapons to “defend themselves”against the naked “physical aggression” of the Feds? It has been called a peaceful protest, but the implication of force has been stressed again and again by the group in that building, and calling it a “Peaceful Protest” is extremely naive and shows a severe lack of understanding of the realities of the situation.

“The Delta Option” Some who are ignorant as to the prior uses of Delta/CAG/SMU/SOD-NG in similar situations have scoffed at the idea that they have a contingent on the ground in this situation. To that I say this  “Watch this video you knowitall ignoramus!” They’ve done it before, they’ll do it again, quit speaking about that which you have not experienced as an Aware American in the last few decades. Start watching at 58:20 and watch through to 1:02.55. My source said a team was staged (and if we know about it at all, it’s because they wanted us to) and if you don’t believe it is possible, you are not in touch with the reality Americans have lived with for more than two decades. Oh by the way, yeah, that is my long time friend Steve Barry who was being interviewed and put that info out (and had a truck blown up in his driveway for his trouble). Tell me what you people who deride him all the time have done for liberty’s sake other than just talk about your theories.

“The Provocateurs Connection”. About two decades ago I was involved with a group that regularly trained and prepared. A relatively new guy starts saying we should look into modifying our weapons (make them autos), and practice building grenades. My response was “Shut the Hell up, we don’t need those things to be effective, and just talking about it will get people hemmed up.”. I left that group shortly thereafter, mainly because they did not want to address him or his “ideas” with the seriousness that they deserved. Approximately 5 months later I spoke to a friend that was still training with them, and he advised that he got booted for pressing that they do an armed and equipped recon of the local State Police barracks. He had the occasion to speak to a friend in the SP about a month later, and after the Trooper did some low key inquires, it was found out the guy was a Fed Snitch who was working off a charge….imagine that!

I had one individual of late try to get into a class by getting me to break my “You can only take a tactical class if you can legally buy and/or own a firearm.” rule for my students. He even said he’d pay extra for “my trouble”. Uh, no thanks. Can you say set up? From everything I have seen concerning  the actions up till now by Ryan Payne, Rumored ExCon Blaine Cooper, and Brian Cavalier (aka Budda) they appear to be trying to provoke an outcome that the people they are with do not understand or are prepared for. Are they Federal Provocateurs? I do not know, but they give off a number of indications that they are, and that info comes from several people that are friends and have dealt with them first hand. To blow off the “Provocateur” angle as being ridiculous, just show once again the ignorance of reality and naivete of those commenting about it. Who knows, maybe those guys are just morons with delusions of grandeur. Here’s a first hand account of the type of person Blaine Cooper is, and how he is treating people that are trying to help.

I believe what the group did was irresponsible, not thought through, and based on a mindset that says “We have to do something” and they did it without thinking of ALL the consequences.  Does this make them bad guys? Not at all, at least the ones that had pure intentions and are not just trying to “Get it on!”. Whoever planned out “Operation Football Bat” needs to have his learners permit rescinded. When I saw this video by Ammon Bundy which states”No matter what your leader says, no matter what they are saying, you need to draw your own conclusions”, I started wondering what the Hell he was trying to do. To tell people in militia groups to ignore/disregard the leadership they have put in place and make their own decisions is directly the opposite of what a militia unit is trying to engender. OK Ammon, if someone who has subordinated himself or herself to a leader in a militia group then ignores their guidance/directive when asked to go to Oregon, what kind of a “troop” do you think you’ll get? Probably an emotional, reactive bitch that doesn’t think things through, is the answer.

The operation being conducted was not spur of the moment, it was planned (poorly) out. For whatever reason, they felt this was the only chance they’d have to make a stand, and decided to do it with the excuse being the supporting of men who wanted no part of this type of a response. I commend them for intent, but give them a fail on strategy and execution, simply because this is not how you fight when you have the option to make preparations and picking your ground, especially when you have such small numbers. But on that note, by all means, support  them if you can, they are there and have to make the best of it till they realize whatever good they have done is done (bringing the issue front and center in the public eye) and an exit is appropriate before that good is covered up in tragedy.

This event has given the administration a panoply of directions they can go, and actions they can take that effect all of us. First, Obama has a chance to “Get tough on Domestic Terrorism”, and the recipients won’t be muslim. He will have fun going through the Law/Executive Order/Regulation play house thingy deciding what “Assault Rifles and pistols” he will put front and center to showcase as to why they should be banned (Domestic Terrorist used them dontcha know). He will have an excuse to label any group that calls itself a “militia” or “Patriot” as domestic terrorists, and the American public WILL FALL FOR IT! Simply because they watched a “Made for TV youtube/Fauxnews video” showing them the evils of “Moolitias”. As long as the public can watch it on their computer or smartphone, they will “get smart” on the “issues”.

For those reasons I say “Thanks guys, group punishment was always fun, but someone really needs to give them a blanket party for “Having a jelly donut in their foot locker”, right?  In the end, yes they were dumbasses, but a dumbass with pure intent is still a good guy and they need to know that we believe that. Here’s a question you should answer. If you were in a bar and your buddy started some shit with some guys would you support him and get you ass kicked with him if it came to that? I know I would and I have. If you saw a guy you do not know across the bar start a fight with a guy who was hitting on his girlfriend, but it wasn’t to the point of the asshole touching her, would you go help him out? Probably not, even though you support and understand what he’s doing. Below is some light reading you might want to do to put their choices in a realistic perspective.

The Green Mountain Boys

The Green Mountain boys were a small group of militia formed by Ethan Allen in 1770. They began by fighting off people who wanted to steal their land and crops, but when circumstances changed, they found themselves involved in the war against England. These soldiers ended up playing an important role in the Revolutionary War, though they never really considered themselves part of the war. 

During the Revolutionary War, there was no overall ruler, and as a result, people in power, such as governors or sheriffs, would just take people’s land. Many colonists were victims of this kind of behavior.

After a certain amount of this, a man by the name of Ethan Allen decided he had had enough. So he rounded up whichever of his friends he could find, and they decided to protect what was theirs.

On one occasion, a New York sheriff came down to New Hampshire where Allen’s boys were, and tried to take the “Grants” farm. However, he was stopped by this band of farmers and militia.

When the sheriff went back to New York and told his story, it was put in the papers. This started a buzz everywhere in both of the involved colonies. In New York they were called “The Bennington Mob,” and people said they were rioters who needed to be stopped. In New Hampshire, however, they were emulated by many other groups.

Soon, all over New Hampshire, there were groups of Ethan Allen’s boys protecting what was theirs. They started by naming themselves the “New Hampshire Men,” but soon in one of the papers they were refferred to as the “Green Mountain Boys,” and that name stuck. This all happened between 1770 and 1772.

The Green Mountain boys did not consider themselves part of the Revolutionary War at this point.

When they continually chased New York authorities out, the governor of New York got tired of it. He said they were criminals and offered a reward for them to be caught. When they were brought to him, he put them on trial and was going to put them to death. But during the trial, Ethan Allen announced that they were fighting for their “liberty, property, and life!” This declaration linked them to the Revolutionary War, and the New York officials had no choice but to let them live.

Here’s my bottom line


I’m not foolish enough to try and impress you with what I would or would not do, or what I know others would do, but the thing is this. Those guys need to be given due process, and have their day in court if it comes to charges. They will not be slaughtered by the Feds without reaping the whirlwind, No matter how stupid this was, I do not believe the majority there did it with any malicious intent, and should be treated as such.The Feds up till now have showed restraint and I hope they continue along that line. By the way, have you signed the petition to release the Hammonds, I have, it’s the least we can do in this situation.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


32 thoughts on “Do You Feel The Burns Yet?

  1. I think you summed it up pretty well.

    For what it is worth from a professional perspective, “resistance” has received a mortal wound in OR. From this point forward, the idea any of “moral high ground” is simply a wet dream.

    There will be mass punishment. But there will not be any “blanket party.”


        • Both Cavalier and Cooper are also ExCons. Gee, it sounds like another “wanna be” we know of. Maybe they are III Commandos that can be convinced to teach in the Jedburger academy since the original instructors have bowed out.

          • The media narrative that the Hammonds don’t want Ammon’s help is false and cannot be proven. That was started when Oathkeeper Pres. Stewart Rhodes made that claim on 12/31, based on a letter that the Hammond’s lawyer, who has since been fired, wrote to Sheriff Ward way back on 12/11 that mentioned Ammon Bundy. which quickly morphed into a condemnation of the Refuge occupation by the Hammonds. Here is the link to the letter quoted by Stewart.

            It was this subterfuge that prompted Ammon to create a video on 1/1/16 in response to Rhodes. Listen to Ammon’s testimony and you will come to understand the relationship that developed between Ammon and the Hammonds over recent time, and that Ammon was the one who decided to make a radical stand and has actually been directing the whole thing according to his conscience. In press interviews, Ammon also confirmed he was told by the Hammonds that Dwight and Steven Hammond were threatened by the US attorney that if they publicly supported protesters or Ammon that they would be sent to a “less desirable” Federal Pen.

            In light of the Fact that the Supreme Court had rejected to hear a finely crafted appeal from the Hammond’s defense atty, Ammon issued a redress of grievance letter to all relevant State and local authorities citing 11 points of old and new evidence and testimony that indicates the Hammonds were tried unjustly. That letter has received 100000 sigs. to date. Not one official responded. 2 days ago, the Sheriff was asked on camera about that letter and confirmed that he did not dignify it with a response, and would not ever. Feeling that no just recourse was left, Ammon hatched the plan to make a stand after the protest because his new friends lives were in jeopardy. If you think that an exaggeration, here is a transcript of the only public words Dwight Hammond’s public statement on 1/2, the only words he has offered since a family Christmas statement.

            Dwight Hammond told KOIN 6 News, “Remember: It’s not about me, it’s about America and somehow we have to get the wheels back on this wagon because they are flying off.”
            At 73, Hammond said he feels his upcoming prison term is a life sentence.
            “I’m not very happy about that. Just don’t know what to say,” Hammond said. “It just seems like a little overreach for having burned 127 acres.”

            Now, Ammon may or may not know the degree of shady or even dark character of the likes of B. Cooper and Brian Cavalier. Buddha is confirmed to have had a serious spiritual awakening since Bunkerville where he was an avowed atheist, has acknowledged God and Christ and been baptized. Sgt. Ryan Payne is provocative, ambitious, and a bit self important, but not likely a federal agent/informant/shill. From 02-06 he was a long range surveillance senior scout observer and assistance team leader in the Army’s 52nd airborne military intelligence division of the 525 Airborne Brigade, 519th Intel Battalion, 51st Infantry, F Co. For which he received an Army Commendation Medal. He also served with the 101st Airborne in combat missions during Iraq war in 03, for which he received another medal. He never earned a Ranger tab. It was reported that he claimed to be a ranger in the Army at the Bundy ranch. He was an airborne qualified soldier doing ranger duties. Likely he was trying to impress others with his qualifications, which are real though not equivalent to a Ranger with a tab, but he was hardly stealing valor.

            But my point is that these guys and other of the questionable among the otherwise brave group initially with Ammon were the only one’s who would follow Ammon on this risky venture, and Ammon took what he could get and trusted God to take care of the details, if the mindset he expressed in that video is to be believed. Also, plenty of people have been getting word to Ammon about the dubious character of certain of those around him, so consider him informed and aware if he wasn’t already by his own insight.

            Over the last few days a steady flow of local ranchers and others have come up to the Refuge, been interviewed, and are happily backing Ammon’s play after being favorably impressed. At the committee of safety meeting a Burns Silversmith claimed that after speaking at the town meeting, his phone has been ringing non-stop with ranchers from all over Oregon and he claims most of them want to support Ammon Bundy but are TOO AFRAID OF FEDERAL RETRIBUTION to speak out. Even the uber leftist Yahoo News ran an incredibly favorable article today because they could not lie about all the locals they interviewed who say they are now happy about the Refuge takeover. 5 Militias from the Pacific Patriot Network showed up today and have taken positions on PRIVATE land around the exposed perimeter of the Refuge, and in downtown Burns to act as a neutral peacekeeping force. The locals being interviewed today were furious that the Feds shut down the schools, have staged at the airport, and some locals who work for the BLM were told not to come to work because they might be kidnapped by militia and held hostage at the Refuge, and spoke out about that.

            I hope this helps to add perspective to the situation.

  2. Thanks for more information/a perspective on this whole situation.I read all I can find about it but take it all with a grain of salt and just add info. to the brain pan to try and come to some conclusions which I so far have not excepting that hope it ends without violence.A waco type response at the moment hopefully is viewed by all as insanity which will like before just bring out the insanity response such as Oklahoma,hell,still trying to get that whole mess straight in my mind,challenging times we live in.As for bars,have the gift of gab and have talked friends potential aggressors to chill even though friend was being a idiot,that and a round of beers and all was cool,got off cheaply in me book!

    On a side note,the whole blm/govt in theory owning/controlling so much land is a whole nother issue and needs to be addressed.

  3. One more side note(yet again),I found and signed petition,according to site under 300 signatures with a need for 100,000!Come on folks,no matter what your thoughts on current situation this petition is to try and help undo a legal injustice,what sparked this whole thing,so dammit,just sign and lets see if we as a people can get some good out of this whole situation.

    • By all means Kiara, please enlighten the readership with facts that back up your subjective assertions. Obviously, “worst article ever” cannot be anything other than subjective, but the need to quantify “Bad assumptions, bad conclusions, seriously wrong interpretations of the event.” is obvious. One of the reasons the Feds are “running wild over our rights”, is due to people making bad decisions and letting emotions dictate their actions, which gives the Feds actual examples of things that have happened and to which they can point to for their reasoning behind taking the actions they then take. Just like everyone having an asshole, everyone has an opinion, but I’d be interested to know what kind of a background, real time info, and understanding of the event and lead up events that caused you to make your judgement of what I wrote.

  4. I singed the petition to release the Hammonds the day NC Renegade posted it,there were a whopping 5 people who had signed it that evening.
    These guys made a whole lot of mistakes with their “takeover” of the refuge building (s).
    What was the point of Ammon Bundy helping the locals set up their “committee of safety”,then his ignoring the committees wishes?
    Why occupy a wildlife refuge building that is not really a defensible position?
    The refuge is the low ground they’re in a “bowl”,surrounded by higher ground.
    Why hasn’t more been done to find out just who Ryan Payne is,other than a supposed electrician from Montana,who seems to be trying to instigate armed conflict with the feds?
    Then there’s the question of whether or not Payne claimed he was an Army ranger,or that he worked with the rangers-which is it?
    We know Payne was not a Ranger,we know Payne claimed to be the leader of a Montana militia back when he was in Nevada-that one wasn’t exactly the truth either.
    How did Ryan Payne get to be the “militia liaison” at Bundy’s ranch?
    How did Booda or whatever his name is get to be first Cliven Bundy’s,then Ammon Bundy’s “bodyguard”?
    Too many unanswered questions.
    The media is controlling the narrative,they keep using the terms militia,armed protesters,and if you read any of the far left media-terrorists,armed terrorists,etc.
    If you watch all the interviews done at the refuge,there is no one dressed in military clothing,Ammon Bundy and the rest of the guys there are dressed like regular working guys,like guys who work outdoors year ’round.
    No one is walking around with rifles,or handguns strapped to their belts-yet many media outlets use photos of guys dressed in BDU’s to accompany the stories.
    The media focus is on the protesters,and the fact that they are occupying a building in a wildlife refuge,rather than being focused on the BLM and USFWS abuses.
    What the BLM,USFWS,and even the EPA have done to the Hammonds-and other landowners in western states is where the focus needs to be.

    These guys stood up to the BLM,and USFWS,they are trying to call attention to the abuse of power,and the criminal things these agencies have done,and are doing.
    Despite the mistakes they have made-they still deserve our support.
    If we just forget about them,then they have done this for nothing-we need to at least make an effort to have something positive come out of this situation.

    • Game,do not believe anyone is forgetting about/writing off these folks.As so much info. about the situation coming from all corners not sure what to believe/disbelieve regarding the current situation.I am all for standing up against tyranny/keeping the feds abuse of “our “lands in the sites,just not sure this is the best way.That said,the folks there have done what they have done,they have our support and hope the situation brings more light on fed abuses and also really hope doesn’t end in a Waco style ending,folks are paying attention though,no worries there.I have pushed the Hammond release petition(for whatever good it does)on all the sites I visit that didn’t already have posts about it and the Oregon situation in general,most were already on it.

      • I didn’t say we’ve forgotten about them,I don’t want anyone to forget them.
        I would like to see more people signing the petition,and more people sending needed supplies and/or $$$.

    • I have yet to have heard where Ammon has rejected a serious advisement by the recently created committee of safety. As a matter of fact, the Committee of Safety Liaison, Todd Mcfarlane, has been at the Refuge most of today giving long speeches in front of the press which I listened to myself on the 24/7 livestream coverage offered by Pete Santili. Todd said nothing of the sort, has indicated he is in constant contact with Ammon, and said point blank that the committee will NOT ask the occupiers to leave until some of the legitimate issues they brought up, that the committee now endorses, are directly addressed and resolved.

      • Which means the media is not reporting the truth-imagine that.
        There was an interview with someone who was supposedly a member of the committee who said they do not want this to go on.
        Glad to hear they are sticking together on this.

        • Well, depending on the full statement that person gave in the interview, there is some truth to the notion that the Committee does not want it to “go on”. In the sense that they do have the goal of ending the occupation that has been thrust upon them by outsiders even though many are expressing gratitude that someone stood up for them. And now that a groundswell of residents have been encouraged to speak out about their fears and disapproval of the Feds, the Committee has decided to leverage the fact of the occupation and try and get some of their legitimate demands met, balancing that with their fears of retribution if it doesn’t work out and fears of some loose cannon at the refuge triggering a bloody response from LEOs. It is truly an unprecedented moment in American History. The Pacific Patriot Network reps just delivered a 3 point resolution drafted by the Committee to the gates of the FBI staging compound just outside the refuge. It includes the 3 demands for the Feds that if met the Committee guarantees the occupation will end as per their agreement with Bundy. Here is the video of that meeting.

          You will also find the 3 hour recording of the County Committee of Safety meeting on that youtube channel, among videos of most of the press conferences and other events at the Refuge.

  5. It has been my opinion from the beginning that Ammon Bundy is being played. He isn’t aware of how he is being handled. It will Probably get him killed. The Feds will see that as payback for the Bundy Ranch incident, and a lesson to the rest of the peasantry.

    I have encountered snitches several times since moving to Montana.

    I was in the Gun business and that is a hazard of the game. One does learn how to spot them after a while. I’m slow but I get there.

    • Yeah. Had to deal with them constantly. The most interesting informants were the ones who had already imbedded themselves in other groups and gained the trust of those groups, so expecting that you would trust them too.

      Longbow’s example was either a rookie, or didn’t know who he was talking to. But Longbow’s right. Let them do all the talking. They’re usually in a hurry and dangle the entrapment bait too soon.


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  8. Just read an article from that link dump from WRSA. It concerned the 1994 arrest and prosecution of Dwight Hammond for breaking his Grazing contract with the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and physically combating the Federal agents who were erecting a fence.

    Even Ranchers who may appreciate the idea of a Wildlife Refuge in theory will reject it altogether when it is administered by Feds who are neither sympathetic nor accountable to their concerns and needs. I believe if the States and Counties owned ALL their land except for what is allowed to Feds in the Enclave Clause (War properties), then the people would be more accepting of what their neighbors vote to do with that land. Seems simple to me.

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