Brushbeater Nails It.

A well written post by Brushbeater. Here’s the money quote, “Serious men wait patiently to view the resolve of those seeking control. These Men have great experience in War and are masters of replicating Men of their equal. These Men of experience do not want this, but will fight and win when pushed. May God bless you, and Long Live the Republic.” Men like John Parker, a French and Indian War veteran (why do you think he was elected to lead them that infamous day?), await the answer of the Thugs.


HR 4269; a Response


To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.


To all concerned with this Bill,

I write not to ask of you to somehow decide upon infringement of my God-given rights; that consent is given only between myself and the Lord. You seek power which you do not possess, Lordship over man which cannot be granted only through consent of the governed.

Allow me to clarify- Government is based upon social contract. Laws are obeyed of convenience, and at such time as to become overbearing or cumbersome, recourse must be taken to ensure that freedom for us and our progeny.

Laws which infringe upon personal Liberties are, without exception, guised as reactions to some sort of crisis- which according to the authors, would prevent such atrocities. In every case, without exception, nothing is prevented aside from the stifling of opposition and true Liberty.

The crisis in our time is a result not of a free people possessing and bearing arms as a result of personal Liberty, but rather, an influx of those who respect neither the value of the individual nor the Western values of which our society is based upon. Those values, which have been watered down and castigated in the Marxist-inspired public school systems, are the very saving grace of our society. Instead, we are served with blame, shame of who we are, and a cultural replacement at every corner. This permeates our government at every step where the inability to place blame for such incidents resides.

The invaders of our culture seek not to integrate; rather they seek to destroy that which they cannot understand. Marxism cannot understand the will of the Individual, it forbids it and cannot function with it; Islam cannot function where Righteous Liberty is allowed to exist- its very name means “Submission before Allah”. Kept to their own, they pose little threat, however neither ideology can be contained among its purveyors. Both must be proselytized in order for its adherents to truly follow its tenants. It must be remembered that under both, the most egregious crimes against humanity have been not only allowed to occur but encouraged.

The solution to such issues is never more centralized control but rather more freedom; such cultural destruction cannot exist where a free people will not allow it. Such a response negates the need for Government, and thus, is never a popular option among those who seek control. In those efforts, those whom you seek to control will indeed revolt, every time, without fail, as has been proven in every instance in history. An oppressed people will not remain so willingly, and in time where the will overcomes the means to control, those people will win.

At this point in our history, many in the American Political Class seem to be incapable of understanding the rise of such contrarian candidates; the sides are becoming ever more galvanized. This is a dire warning which must be heeded- the next step as history demonstrates, is particularly violent against the perceived oppressor. It begins with a decision, to further infringe or assert Liberty; a tipping point to which the consequences very well may mean Liberty or Death.

I write to ask of you to consider and beware. A free and tolerant people to which this country has been blessed will only bear the burden for so long. Such language of a law as quoted above cannot and will not stand among a free people. Serious men wait patiently to view the resolve of those seeking control. These Men have great experience in War and are masters of replicating Men of their equal. These Men of experience do not want this, but will fight and win when pushed. May God bless you, and Long Live the Republic.


Prepare, Learn, and Train to your actual monetary, mental, and physical capability. Anything else is considered half measures, and you might as well just go back to ranting on social media.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


2 thoughts on “Brushbeater Nails It.

  1. Hi Mason,
    ‘Couldn’t have said it better……….”10-4!!!”…..there’s that sound…’s like music…it starts off low and gutteral and ends up on a high note…….”Ker-‘LATSH!!!” as the bolt drives the round into Battery……
    It is “Time!!!”
    Got Gunz……OUTLAW!!!,

  2. As with all nonsensical laws,well…..,will not comply if passed.As always,that decision may/may not have consequences,perhaps though hopefully not,deadly consequences,time will tell.

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