First Responders (YOU!)

In recent days, a number of Sheriff’s and some Police Chiefs have made public service announcements, saying that they want their constituents to carry their firearms. This is somewhat unusual (especially in NY), especially considering that most LE Admin types are usually liberals, and don’t like the idea of citizens being able to carry at all. In a related event, Liberty University’s President urged students to carry on campus if they had a permit, and to get one if they had not already done so. I bet their student enrollment  goes up!

Here is a brief essay, from a Sheriff in Florida, that gives a valid, realistic take on why you should carry as a citizen. I know, I know, they’re all bad,,,right? If you truly believe all or even a majority of LE is bad, you might want to get a breathing tube installed. Breathing through all that sand is hard on the lungs, and will probably cause serious health issues.


Sheriff Mike Scott

Fallacies of Gun Control
December 8, 2015

Earlier this year, President Obama and his predictable following of sycophant, liberal media types were promoting the notion that law enforcement should be demilitarized. Objects of criticism were armored vehicles, tactical uniforms and weaponry, along with suggestions that a kinder, gentler law enforcement officer was somehow needed in response to Ferguson, Baltimore, and like uproars. Yet, at the same time thousands of malcontents were rioting, burning, and looting cities because some lives apparently mattered more than others; rhetoric about demilitarization of the cops poured forth.

As I see it, bullets are bullets and bombs are bombs; whether they are encountered by our Military on the hostile ground of a foreign country, or our Law Enforcement Officers at let’s say the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, or in the murder Mecca of Chicago which happens to be home base for the Illinois Senator turned President. Suggestions to demilitarize law enforcement are about as shallow as the “gun control” fallacies that would serve only to disarm law-abiding citizens in this country.

Law Enforcement, the Fire Service, and the Ambulance are typically referred to as first responders but are they? The fact is that in nearly every crime against a person or persons, those individuals are in fact the first responder. The innocent folks that died while praying in a Charleston Church were first responders. The moviegoers killed in that Aurora theatre were first responders. The government workers enjoying an office party in California last week were first responders. When these episodes break out in split seconds, efforts to minimize the carnage become paramount. Regrettably, examples of first responders abound and in virtually every instance, these innocents were left to cower and just hope that they were not next to be shot because they were not in a position to defend themselves or others. It is a well known fact that many active shooters actually stop to reload their weapons during the incident and 2nd Amendment naysayers should read this sentence twice.

It’s no secret that elementary, middle, and high schools along with college campuses continue to be popular targets for active shooters. The question is not so much if another campus incident will occur but when and where. Millions of unchecked book bags and lunch boxes everyday traverse the higher education hallways across our country, and we simply hope that they contain books and lunches while many scoff at the notion that a (21) year old student with a concealed carry permit should be allowed to do so on campus. Virtually anyone can enter a college campus at any time, park their vehicle, and walk the grounds uncontested.

Law enforcement at large does a remarkable job in the face of unprecedented challenges and a growing trend of being vilified in whole for the rare misdeeds of an occasional bad actor. Still, we can’t be with everyone at all times and most of the citizens we serve do not have Secret Service protection around the clock like our President who touts gun control as the remedy for the myriad of real threats that face us. I doubt he would condone those that guard him and his family being disarmed or demilitarized, and I believe our citizenry deserves no less in protecting itself.

The criminally insane, the violent offenders, and the mounting number of terrorists within our borders do not give a damn about gun laws or gun free zones and make no mistake, they will always have guns. Few will dispute that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. I salute the good guys (and gals) and their right to legally own and possess firearms, be they for sport and peaceful purposes or for self defense…after all, they are likely going to be the first responder!

-Sheriff Mike Scott



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


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  1. “Law enforcement at large does a remarkable job in the face of unprecedented challenges and a growing trend of being vilified in whole for the rare misdeeds of an occasional bad actor.”

    The small number of bad cops make good cops look bad.
    As do the cops who seize money,property,and vehicles from innocent citizens along our highways,they never charge the majority of these people with a crime-yet their personal property and money is kept by law enforcement,usually split between fed,state,and local law enforcement.
    Google wrong address SWAT raids,in many of these raids,people and the family dog are shot and killed.
    The asset forfeiture laws need to be scrapped,and re-written so only those convicted of a crime are considered for asset forfeiture.
    The 4am no knock SWAT raids for mostly low-level drug offenders need to stop.
    SWAT raids need to be used only in the case of violent criminals,or hostage situations-
    that way more family pets will survive to a ripe old age,and no innocent people will be shot and killed when a SWAT team raids the wrong home.
    A lot of people recall Kent State when they see cops in tactical gear and MRAPS-save that stuff for situations in which it’s actually needed,don’t roll it out every time a dozen people gather for a protest.
    I’ve got friends who are current and retired LE,and they agree with me on the above.

    The rest of it needs to be understood by more people,because if they ever find themselves in a situation where if they don’t have the ability to shoot back-they may die,they will sure as hell wish they had listened to all of us who keep advising them to go get their concealed carry permit-if required in their state-so they do have the ability to protect themselves.
    The police arrive after a violent crime has already occurred,they’re there to investigate the crime-not stop it.
    Some of us live in areas where police can arrive in under 10 minutes,others live in areas in which it takes police over an hour to arrive.
    Even that ten minutes can be far too long to wait for help-that’s if you get the chance to call 911.
    One thing I have noticed is that many people who get their CCW permit rarely carry,and they practice even less.
    That’s a bad thing-accurate shooting is a perishable skill,you have to practice-often.

    • I’m a great fan of the Kent State shootings. It was too little too late.

      It’s the Kent State generation that is now “governing” this country.

      Think about it.


      • There were out of town/out of state agitators at Kent State that day,my best friend at the time’s older brother got shot-and he was not a part of any of the protests. (Doug Wrentmore).
        Most of the Kent State “activists” ended up in teaching jobs-indoctrinating young minds-People like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.
        Some of the people from that era did indeed deserve to be shot.

        • “Some of the people from that era did indeed deserve to be shot.”

          Maybe so, but those four didn’t. Kinda matters, don’t you think?

          • It was 13 people who were shot at Kent state,4 of those 13 died.
            Nowhere did I state that any of those who were attending classes at the university deserved to get shot.
            The outside agitators maybe,those who torched the ROTC building definitely.
            Most of the people of that era who went around blowing up buildings,killing ops,planting bombs,and inciting violence did deserve to get shot-Bill Ayers among them-as Ayers,along with many of his “associates” in the groups like the Weather Underground ended up teaching our children-and not teaching the facts about the shit that went on in the late 60’s/early 70’s.
            The left was still trying to re-write the events of May 4th 1970,and teach kids in high schools their version of events…

            “a prominent college-level United States history book by Mary Beth Norton et al. (1994), which is also used in high school advanced placement courses,(2) contains a picture of the shootings of May 4 accompanied by the following summary of events: “In May 1970, at Kent State University in Ohio, National Guardsmen confronted student antiwar protestors with a tear gas barrage. Soon afterward, with no provocation, soldiers opened fire into a group of fleeing students. Four young people were killed, shot in the back, including two women who had been walking to class.” (Norton et al., 1994, p. 732) Unfortunately, this short description contains four factual errors: (1) some degree of provocation did exist; (2) the students were not fleeing when the Guard initially opened fire; (3) only one of the four students who died, William Schroeder, was shot in the back; and (4) one female student, Sandy Schreuer, had been walking to class, but the other female, Allison Krause, had been part of the demonstration.”

            So, Sgt Barry does make a valid point about the “Kent state era”.

          • Lotta words there, gg. Sgt. Barry wrote, “I’m a great fan of the Kent State shootings.” Why are you talking about the scumbag Ayers and “the era”? Those were PEOPLE who got shot. I know you better than this and I know you know that a collectivist whore is a collectivist whore.

            Sorry, JC. I know this guy is a friend of yours, but that shouldn’t matter. You a “great fan” of the Kent State shootings too? Say it ain’t so; courage takes many forms.

          • So what you’re saying is that if I don’t agree with someones point of view I should just not post their opinion/comment? Do you accuse CA of that at WRSA? I guess I could start with you since you want me to start editing/censuring peoples opinions. Be careful judging peoples opinions based on who their friends are, tracers go both ways. I post Barry’s comments here because he has the right to an opinion, just like you do. I know of no man who has put more on the line to earn that right to have his opinion heard.

      • SFC, I remember a couple of nicely rendered pen and ink drawings of a group of “them” first as the Kent State crowd, followed by an impression of the very same gaggle of weasels depicted with 20+ added years of age factored in. Clad in their current day working attire as our nation’s leaders, both civilian and military.
        The rendering of one rather flamboyant, openly sodomite military officer was
        disgustingly spot on. Rather prophetic too, I might add.

        A brisk salute if you were the artist. If you were not, please snap one out to the man
        who was.

        Cheerio, Joe / USMC

      • A new low, even for you. No easy feat, that one.

        “Think about it.” Almost funny. You didn’t (and don’t) have any problem cashing their checks, eh? Take the loot, then stab ’em in the back. Very manly. “Courage,” right?

        Murdering people for what they believe, and daring to call it American. Talk about a traitor.

        • Sorry, JK, but any checks written or cashed aren’t “theirs.” Funds paid to retirees are from the General Fund appropriated by Congress every two years, which as I’m sure you know, comes from Congress authorizing the Fed to monetize national debt. In reality, the checks are written by the Public–you, me, and everyone else including SFC Barry – yes, military people pay federal and sometimes state taxes (depending on their state) that are taken from their active duty and retiree compensation and put back into the general fund to pay the interest on the National Debt. Pointing out that yesterday’s communist radical element has successfully infiltrated and co-opted the government is not, ‘taking the loot and then stab ’em in the back.’

          I’m surprised…typically you aren’t disingenuous or wont to engage in ad hominem. Disparaging the idea is one thing; the man? You have no standing to do so. Lastly, this isn’t so much a defense of SFC Barry (he’s more than capable of defending himself), rather a counter argument to your cheap shots regarding accepting a pension for services rendered in good faith and calling into question his manhood and courage.

        • (sigh) I will explain this again.

          When one is commissioned or enlists in the military one is told; “If you survive 20 years of civilians trying to get you killed we will pay you 1/2 the base pay of your highest held rank (plus 2-1/2% for every year over 20) for the rest of your life — plus medical.” One says; “I accept this contract.” And that is it. It is a contract. Your “tax dollars” have nothing to do with it, because your taxes are the interest payment on Federal dept owed to a private bank called the FED.

          If you want to bitch about your tax dollars, take it up with the FED’s collection agency called the IRS.


          • Expecting a civilian to understand the gravity of that contract, what it entails, and the pitiful risk to reward results if you finish it and your still alive, is like us trying to understand how someone could go through life sucking of the welfare tit. It is beyond us, and anyone that can understand it should probably be examined more closely. They use these comparisons because it fits their fantastical paradigm, not because it is based in any reality. Reality would be their self serving, “You can’t tell me what to do”, asses being pressed into service by a “General Bethlehem” (movie “The Postman”) warlord character, and all they can think about saying is “I digged holes.”. They can’t do anything but theorize on blogs that will post their “Understandings of freedom and liberty” diatribe (but want other opinions or observations squashed if it bothers their special sensibilities), action takes way to much physical and mental effort. It’s easy to type on a keyboard, right?

          • “It’s easy to type on a keyboard, right?”

            I’ll take your word on that, JC; I don’t run a full-time blog myself. Y’know, I didn’t say a word about your post. I hardly ever say anything here. But “being a fan of the Kent State shootings” was simply more than I would let pass silently. I don’t know why you’re talking about blocking comments…I’m against that in ALL cases except downright spam. I don’t know why T is talking about “ad hominem”…the charge of “traitor” wasn’t against the man to show how stupid his statement was; it was against the statement showing what the man is about. That’s the OPPOSITE of ad hominem.

            You DO run a full-time blog, though. Maybe tell the readers out there whether you think your Brotherhood is sufficient cause to murder innocent American citizens. No doubt inquiring minds want to know. Or continue to evade and let those readers guess. Your blog, your choice.

          • You apparently don’t know much of anything according to this comment. You implied that because Barry is my friend, and because I posted the comment without my own, that I agreed with what was said. So I guess I have to comment or not post it, right? Obviously you haven’t read other posts of mine concerning beliefs, convictions, etc.

        • Guess I struck a nerve, huh? Good.

          Gg’s busy talking about “the era” and some other socialist assholes. T’s yapping about how it isn’t taxpayer’s money, even though it is. And JC’s off in the weeds talking about not posting comments or something…I don’t even know where that came from, JC; never even crossed my mind. And Barry’s waxing eloquent about contracts, as if two parties conspiring to kill a third innocent party might be some sort of legitimate contract.

          So we’ve covered everything except the damn point. BARRY wrote, “I’m a great fan of the Kent State shootings,” and *I* wrote, “That’s a new low, even for you.”

          Well, what about it? JC, I asked if you’re a fan of those shootings too. No answer. T, I used no ad hominem…Barry’s statement fails quite aside from whether or not he’s an idiot. You didn’t touch the issue. Gg still hasn’t clarified either, except to say that SOME OTHERS deserved to be shot.

          Four innocent civilians were shot by agents of the government in cold blood. NOW WHERE THE HELL DO YOU STAND??? Are you for it or agin’ it??? Spit it out—nothing that ANY of you have written has ANYTHING to do with the issue. And you think guys like me are just gonna let your crazy “occupational forces” take over our lives? What the hell are you smoking and what in the world makes you think you’re any different than the collectivist thug-assholes who seek to rule the world right now?

          I mean damn…I happen to think you’re different, but maybe that’s just another mistake I’ve made. Some courage. Some guards. Stand the hell up and say something, for crissakes. I’ll give Barry that much credit…at least he did. Sheesh.

          • I can’t give you an up or down Klein (that’s why I didn’t), simply because I’ve never researched it. I’m not going to speak out of my ass simply because a guy says “You have to decide right now.”. Considering what I have read about the college scene at that time, and the crap games people were playing with the protests and treatment of returning vets, I’d probably say “It was an unavoidably tragic situation that was brought about because people didn’t get a handle on the BS sooner, and start kicking those young commie punks in the teeth.” But that’s only based on what I’ve been told by the vets I first served with, and it is my subjective, semi ignorant opinion. I sure as Hell won’t take your word on the “facts” mainly because I do not know you, and frankly I think you just look for ways to try and pick fights and try to impress us with your theoretical version of why no one can “Tell you what to do.”. I’ll take a man that has proven by his actions that he’s about getting the job done, and has DONE it, and did the best job he could, over a “Liberty Theoretician” who has never put himself in harms way to protect those he was responsible to and for, thus protecting and providing them the ability to continue exercising that real world liberty unmolested.

          • “I’ll take a man that has proven by his actions that he’s about getting the job done, and has DONE it, and did the best job he could…”

            Uh huh. And so how was that job done? How did things go on his watch? Or yours, or T’s or gg’s for that matter? Not so great, eh?

            See, on the one hand it’s not any of youse guys’ fault because TPTB and social madness were just too great to overcome. But OTOH you deserve some sort of special standing because you (generic you) were willing to kill and maim on their behalf. Sorry, can’t have it both ways…which is it?

            “over a ‘Liberty Theoretician’ who has never put himself in harms way to protect those he was responsible to”

            You know absolutely nothing about me JC, except maybe something you heard from T at a PATCON. You’re not willing to comment about 4 innocent kids gunned down in cold blood on a campus, even though there’s films of it that you can watch. You haven’t “researched” it adequately, you say. But you’ve got me figured out from one guy’s chatter and no direct knowledge whatsoever. Find anything a little problematic about that? T had the right word himself, I think…”disingenuous.”

            “and for, thus protecting and providing them the ability to continue exercising that real world liberty unmolested.”

            Yeah? So I’ll ask again…how’d y’all do?

          • “Uh huh. And so how was that job done? How did things go on his watch? Or yours, or T’s” Well, you’re not speaking Russian or Chinese…are you>
            “You know absolutely nothing about me JC, except maybe something you heard from T at a PATCON.” OK, I’ll bite…where did you serve? Most of the crap I know about you is from the “Anarchist” pablum you try to peddle to anyone who will listen.
            “You’re not willing to comment about 4 innocent kids gunned down in cold blood on a campus” I did comment, you just didn’t like the answer. “Considering what I have read about the college scene at that time, and the crap games people were playing with the protests and treatment of returning vets, I’d probably say ‘It was an unavoidably tragic situation that was brought about because people didn’t get a handle on the BS sooner, and start kicking those young commie punks in the teeth.’.”
            “Yeah? So I’ll ask again…how’d y’all do?” We did fine, the question is, how’d you all do (civilians, you know, the ones who run the government)? I think that answer is “Abysmally”, and that is one of the reasons we’re in the boat we are now. I will tell you this. You would not have had the opportunity to say what you say all the time in comments if we had lost on our end.

          • There you go again, JC…making guesses about who I am and what I’ve done or not. Guesses, a bunch of guesses. But you say, “We are preparing people to survive the inevitable future.” Here’s some theory for you—NOTHING is inevitable in the human realm.

            Here’s some more theory, only this isn’t just theory; it’s fact. You control only what YOU do, and not a drop more. T’s talking about “services rendered in good faith,” but that ain’t gonna cut it this trip. Did it occur to any of you that this is PRECISELY what the commie-libs believe as well…that they’re acting “in good faith” toward what their maniac minds believe will create a “better society”? Wow, what a coincidence…that’s EXACTLY what Barry, and by extension you and the others, believe. When will it be enough? What, do you think it’s coincidence that y’all use the same words as they? Well, it’s not…you use the same words because you believe the same things. This is what it means to think in principles; the details don’t matter.

            Look, I know I hijacked the thread and your post was a good one. But the Kent State murders were worse than abominable. Waco and Ruby Ridge had a huge impact on lots of Americans, but Kent State was even worse. Not only were they civilians, but they were kids and they weren’t even armed. At least Koresh and the Weavers had a fighting chance; at least they weren’t completely unarmed. To me that’s a difference…not much of one I’ll grant, but a difference. But hey, that’s me and I think being armed makes a big difference.

            Yet Barry, gg and you have offered some absurd defense that it was “because of the way society was.” Bullshit. It was because some nervous assholes were given some imagined authority to use some imagined judgment to open fire on unarmed kids…and not a one of you has the balls to say that was wrong, ON THEIR PART.

            I’ll give you credit for letting my comments pass. And I already gave Barry credit for at least having the nerve to declare where he stands on the matter. See, I don’t know you either and so I gotta wonder if you’ll be like those Guardsmen, or Barry for that matter—will YOU murder unarmed kids for what they believe? Because you’re nervous? Barry says he’s a “fan” of it, but STILL nothing from any of you. Yeah, those kids were no doubt idiot assholes…they were taught to be that way. And so were you and me and all of us. Nothing is EVER going to break the madness unless WE have the courage to acknowledge the responsibility that WE have in our actions. This is not only an important point; ultimately it’s the ONLY point.

            Give it some time, and see if you can figure out what I’m saying. Oh, I already said it…

            “I’m asking you to consider WHAT the hell you’re doing. I’m asking you to THINK about it.”

          • ” But you say, “We are preparing people to survive the inevitable future.” Here’s some theory for you—NOTHING is inevitable in the human realm.” No fathomable amount of course correction will keep this from going critical. I guess you’ve got a plan and we should elect J Klein for “Economics/Socio-political” czar?
            “services rendered in good faith,’ but that ain’t gonna cut it this trip.” It’s called a contract Klein. We’ll make you the “Semantics/Words in common usage” czar too if you’d like.
            “But the Kent State murders were worse than abominable.” How so? Innocent people lost their lives because of bad decisions. We see it every day, do we not? Unfortunately, the media has made us somewhat callous to it (remember the song “Dirty Laundry”).
            “What, do you think it’s coincidence that y’all use the same words as they? Well, it’s not…you use the same words because you believe the same things.” No, we use the same words, because we speak and write in Fucking English, and that is the phrase in common usage, Да?
            ” Yeah, those kids were no doubt idiot assholes…they were taught to be that way. And so were you and me and all of us.” OK, fine, we’ll make you the “Parenting” czar too. You are right, their response was either learned from observation, or from trying to impress their friends. Either way, they died from stupid decisions. Was it their parents fault? maybe. Was it their friends fault? perhaps. You make your decisions, you take your chances. Guess what, for the most part, we are still here because of good decision making, and many are not from bad decisions.

          • Czar, moi? That’s projection, I think. It’s a big difference between you and me, and an even bigger one between Barry and me…I’ve got no desire at all to force anyone to do anything. Never did. But I’ll damn well do my best to stop anyone from trying to force me, or anyone else I care about. Period.

            But no matter. You let my comments through and I’m grateful for that. Just one last detail…

            “Either way, they died from stupid decisions.”

            Sure ’nuff. Your very serious error is that you’ve got the stupidest decisions in the wrong place. I told you they tried to teach all of us to think poorly…yours is a straight-out blaming of the victim. If you’re interested in the epistemology of it, you do that to resolve an otherwise deadly cognitive dissonance that comes with your position. They didn’t commit suicide; they were murdered. Thanks for the space.

        • “You have no standing to do so.”

          Yeah? Then tell us who does, and what created that standing.

          How ’bout it…are YOU a “fan of the Kent State shootings” too?

          The only thing even slightly forgiving about any of you four, is that you obviously have no idea what you’re saying and/or doing. You might wanna consider that maybe it’s the same for the average commie-lib out there either. It’s no excuse for them IMO, but then it’s no excuse for you either. Disgraceful.

          • Tell me, did the play by play you received when the Kent State shooting happened come from Walter Cronkite? I’ll take my “Real World Ignorance” to your “Theoretical Understanding” any day. People like us have and do get things done while people like you are still reading the Chinese section of the instruction manual.

          • JK, taken in context, you don’t have any standing to talk about the man himself. You can argue his ideas all day long, but when it comes to disparaging his courage? No. You don’t have standing to do that. Why? You haven’t any baseline of experience to compare it with. Here’s something for you: I don’t have the standing to do what you did. I wasn’t in his units and did not do what he did. Therefore, I do not have the standing to judge him as courageous or not. Period. That’s what my surprise was; you’re comments were, by definition, an ad hominem attack on the man, not his idea. You disparaged his retired military status, again, with no standing to do so. Maybe you don’t see it. But that’s how I saw it, and still do. As far as who does have standing? When it comes to courage, only the men who served with him on his team can do that. And truly, it has nothing to do with whether you LIKE the man or agree/disagree with his world view or not. It’s not about that. I don’t necessarily agree with his or JC’s views on everything, but I respect what they have done, what they bring to the table, so to speak (from their experience) and when I disagree (which happens from time to time), I deal with the idea or principle being dealt with, not the character of the man, as you did, when you took what I believe to be cheap shots.

            You said earlier that you had to say something, because you couldn’t be silent because of the statement made. Same here. That’s all…no more, no less.

          • “People like us have and do get things done…”

            No duh, and THAT’S the point. I’m asking you to consider WHAT the hell you’re doing. I’m asking you to THINK about it.

            Or don’t. Your life, your choice. But stop pretending that because our society’s gone mad, that therefore the Brotherhood of combat–the valid point that T brings up–somehow gives you a bye on what you do.

            Surely you’ve figured it out by now…this whole thing is about individual responsibility and who the hell owns you. Your Brother Barry says that because of what others do, he’s somehow not responsible for what he does. It’s the “Rosenbaumian imbeciles,” dontchyaknow. Gee, never heard that one before. Yawn…fuckin’ yawn.

          • For a guy who has never applied the “responsibility” thing in a real world context (just talk and theory), I find what you’ve said somewhat amusing. You act like every one of us was in a position to change the direction of travel of the nation, and that mindset is obviously due to a lack of realistic contemplation. You were in the same position to “Do the deed” as anyone else, yet you did nothing except pay your taxes like a good little automaton. At least what we were doing had some “Implied substance”, considering that the world’s perception of our weakness, or a lack thereof is due to what they believe our military can do. We are seeing that in full force right now, aren’t we? Most of the things we have “Found out” were decades after the fact. Go ahead, cry about how bad you feel for paying taxes, but we have better things to do than to lament the past. We are preparing people to survive the inevitable future.

          • The wholesale butchery of Communists (yes, they should be killed because of what they believe) ought to have begun sometime around 1517 — before they got a foothold. Sadly, that didn’t happen. It can be explained only as a chastisement.

            The Arch Rosenbaumian Klein violently protests the Capitalist reverse of the Communist obverse of the false dichotomy coin.

            When the West was sane Klein voices went up in flames. In an exceptionally brief moment of accidental sanity at Kent State they were shot down.


        • The problem is that people were not murdered for what they believed. And now we are living in a Communist shit hole. You Rosenbaumian imbecile.

          • You mean they weren’t EVEN murdered for what they believed. Agreed…that makes it yet more disgusting, doesn’t it? If such a thing is possible. Hell, the Guardsmen can’t even plea to that old standby, “just following orders.”

            Yeah, we’re living in a Communist shithole. No doubt about that. And whose JOB was it to see that we don’t? Don’t get me wrong…I blame the intellectuals more than the grunts; grunts are grunts, after all. I’m solidly on the record about that, over many many years.

            But it doesn’t get DONE without YOUR work. Without that, it’s just more yammering about the “theory” that JC says.

            You know what your attitude is? “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” They’re a bunch of no-good looting collectivist assholes and because you won’t face up to YOUR role in all this happening, you say exactly the same thing as they—“It’s not me. It’s not my fault. It’s someone else’s responsibility.”

            Never thought about that, did you? What a coincidence…neither did they. Well, I do. I worked my ass of my whole life, and yes *I* paid for it. But damn…at least I acknowledge it and try to spend my last days righting the wrong that *I* did.

            You? You’re not only busy whining that it wasn’t your fault, you want to redouble the madness and go slaughter more innocent people yet. Feh, some courage.

            Meanwhile Brother T is busy accusing me of ad hominem, when I did no such thing. Let’s see what he has to say about your charge of “Rosenbaumian imbecile.”

          • “I blame the intellectuals more than the grunts; grunts are grunts, after all. I’m solidly on the record about that, over many many years.” Here again is one of your “Theories”. You have nothing to context what a grunt is or is not, what a grunt does or does not.
            “You know what your attitude is? “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” You believe this why, because he tells people what they don’t want to hear about the REALITY of a situation, and doesn’t want them to throw their lives away needlessly, that’s “Joining them”? I’m pretty sure you don’t know what we take responsibility for, and this is primarily because we don’t run our piehole to someone we don’t know, and especially to those who are nothing but faceless commenters on the internet. We have our own real demons, and from our perspective, you guys are nothing but weak sister apologists with your “I paid for it and feel so bad” ridiculous ‘ownership” whining, when you were never willing to get off your lazy, comfortable asses to change a thing (and still aren’t, talk is cheap) when it might have mattered. None of us knew what we were getting into when we enlisted, but apparently you think you have a clue as to what we did while we were there, because you are now being oppressed? You have no Fucking idea! You’re starting to sound like one of the character’s in Monty Python’s “The Holy Grail”.

          • I’ve said my piece without rancor. SFC Barry wasn’t the initiator. You were. That didn’t solve anything, but I’m betting that if you had not started something, there wouldn’t have been anything. If the situation were reversed, my position would be the same: attack the idea, not the man.

            Oh, and for the record, when asked about you at that PATCON, my words were not negative.

      • SFC Barry, I’ve been looking for you. Interested in your in-depth thoughts on the state of things and the 3% movement in general. Seriously. Email me at derek dot patrick78 at gmail dot com.

      • @ SFC Barry, If you mean to say that the left would use or has used force in a similar manner to enforce its views then yes, we are in agreement on the principle that there is a small segment of the population that only understands when force is applied to keep them in check and that force is apolitical, it is just a tool with no predisposition to left or right only the cause with which it finds itself aligned and that cause may be left or right. You must master that force as you master your life, to paraphrase another good Sgt. But that does not dismiss the continued abuses done in the name of public safety which do not serve the public or safety nor does it excuse the duty of civilians to train to the highest level they can if they choose to carry. Surely you don’t blame all our ills on just the Kent State generation? Are they largely responsible? Maybe, but the current state of affairs did not just happen. And for that matter, active shooters, mass shootings, and massacres are not new, they just get press coverage now. There’s probably a lot of folks on the inter webs now who don’t know the names Whitman or Huberty.

        The mistrust, apprehension, and lack of confidence in public officials by the right, whether by accident or design, is no more or less justified than the left’s incessant desire for gun control. It is a matter of perception which forms the basis for one person’s reality. However, unlike the right which is fragmented in how to best answer the cultural decay, the left is singular in their purpose to see their agenda completed, they are no different than Muslims or communist in this regard. People are waking up because they no longer have a choice, sides are being drawn up for the big game. It’s now personal. Make no mistake, when it kicks off, there will be no left and no right, there will be those who survived and those who didn’t. I trust we all want to be on the surviving side, to live out what days are left afterwards in peace. I trust that’s why we visit these sites.

        Changing gears a little, chances are if you are reading the intro article and ended up in the comment section you are already one of the folks taking your security into your own hands. While law enforcement has never had anything to fear from law abiding concealed carry, these types of affirmations are too little too late and do little to sway public opinion as the choice to carry and be prepared to be your own rescuer can only occur one person at a time. Speaking only for myself, I don’t care that some Sheriff said I support your right to carry. I would still (and have and do) because it’s my choice. Here’s the rub though, if sheriffs and police chiefs are commonly saying to get armed, which they are, it’s because the majority of public opinion is already with them and their comments are the result not the cause of people awakening to what’s going on around them. I also agree with you, that it’s tool little, too late. They are attempting to shape their own battlefield and reduce the unknowns. They’re all like, “Well yeah, we’re all for that!” Really, where were you 4 or 5 or 14 years ago. Life is dangerous contact sport. Yes it is, but it has always been so. I pray anyone’s realization to this is not a recent phenomena.

        Sorry, Sgt. I’m really not bitter, much. Please don’t take my comments out of context, I’m a fan of all efforts to educate, inform and get people to be all they can be, for people providing training by free or fee, being a force multiplier and a good neighbor and a contributing to the community. That’s the way this country used to operate and, I have faith, will be again.

        • AC,liked your response.The scary part is who do I blame for the ills in the country?I start by looking in the mirror as we have as a country allowed us to get where we are and all the BS that goes along with it.I too though have some hope and as always live for today but prepare for tommorow and whatever it may bring,good or bad.

        • No, no. I understand what you are saying.

          Here is what most people cannot wrap their heads around. Communism is not a political system. Neither is it an economic system. Communism is a substitute for religion and thereby it is a social system. The Communist coup happened in the 1930s. It was consolidated during WWII. The social undermining occurred during the late ’40s and throughout the ’50s. The VN War was the “cover” for the Communist social revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. The Communist revolution in the US was an incremental thing. And today the US is more Soviet than the Soviet Union was. And it is commissared by the same (polite cough) “Tribe.”

          During the Communist social revolution of the ’60s and ’70s, the lamentable thing about Kent State is that it was a “one off.”


          • @ James, who is too blame, is definitely on the short list of $64,000 questions. Ourselves, to some extent, and your right, we need to be the change we seek and not live fear centered but faith centered. However, I find during my own introspection though that by the time I got to the point where I understood the system, I mean really understood how not to play the game and had gotten the education I should have received had I know what I didnt know, it was somewhat too late. And not in a woe is me kind of way, but in a damn you mean to tell me nobody saw that coming kind of way. So what do we do now? My comfort now comes from preparing my offspring the way I think my parents wanted to prepare me, but didnt have the courage to. I also realize as I get older, that everybody sooner or later sees it coming, but the majority just didnt know what to do about it. And even if they did, the price associated with action and self awareness is pretty steep, just ask the Sgt. I am always telling my kids my greatest hope is that some day far from now they will sell the bunker, use the proceeds to put me in a home and make fun of me when they come to visit.

            @ Sgt. Barry, you know, you’re right, and through that lens it brings the choices in focus with alarming clarity. We are surrounded by a myriad of similar types of systems (Islam comes to mind) that seek to take advantage of our good nature. In the not too distant future the choices we have now will fall away and leave only one. Candidly, the reset is not what bothers me, my playbook tells me we will win when it’s finally all said and done. My questions for that time will be are we strong enough to live with what had to be done and how will we reconcile our part in it with those who grow up in its shadow and never know that degree of strife in their lifetime. I’m not saying it doesn’t need to be done, but once we walk through that door there ain’t no going back.

      • I was not around during the 60’s. But I remember my father and his buddies, that had all been to Viet Nam, sitting around our fireplace, all of them drinking beer and telling war stories. I remember on of my dads friends, telling a story about the Kent State shootings. He was on a RT and was breaking contact with the NVA/VC, As he is telling us about the exfil VIA Mcguire rigs and when they get back to the FOB and debrief, The hear the news and the whole team is doing high 5’s, drinking beer and shots, saying “Ohio National Guard 4, Hippie Commies 0.”

    • gamegetter II,spot on with all the above! As a retired LEO I couldn’t agree more with you,both regarding asset forfeiture and SWAT raids as well as concealed carry and the need to practice with your carry weapon.Thanks for expressing so well what we all need to consider.

    • I like your post. Especially as you comment on Good cops versus bad cops. The frequency of rights violations can sometimes seem epidemic, but that’s because we can really only cite the bad actors and bad actions – its impossible to know the sheer number of good, normal, humble, honest men (and women sometimes) who just do a good job every day, who do their best to ‘get it right’ on the side of the road every time.

      One lasting impression I always try to leave with my friends who aren’t convinced (you know, we all have that friend who is fixated on the police as the oppressor mindset) — most, the vast majority in fact, of law enforcement officers are not only decent folks who work very hard to protect the rights of everyone, but they are actively on ‘our’ side and are preparing for the same future we all believe is coming. These folks know what we are up against and are farther along and more ready for battle than many of us.

      If you don’t already have a training buddy and close friend who is a street cop or road deputy; get one.

    • Bravo! I couldn’t agree more on all points. Yours is the best response to the Sheriff’s letter. I think he greatly minimizes the SWAT mentality and the gross militarization of many LEs, not to mention the illegitimate confiscation of money and property. One review of the police reaction to the Boston bombing and you see a police force gone completely Nazi. That scenario is indicative of what continues around the country in events large and small.

      • The reaction to the Boston bombing-the “lockdown”and house to house search is a whole ‘nother topic.

        I agree with the sheriff about people getting the concealed carry permits-even though no permit should be required-and the becoming proficient in the use of their weapons,one the the sheriff needed to mention is the need for regular range time for those that live in urban/suburban areas,and regular target practice in the back yard for those of us who live in rural areas.
        As I said,far too many people get their permit-then rarely carry,and hit the range even less.
        Accurate shooting is a perishable skill,little or no practice means you’re gonna suck at hitting your
        Just because someone was a crack shot 20 -30 years ago doesn’t mean they can even hit the paper,much less the bullseye today.

  2. Brings to mind the old statement,”Why do I carry a gun,a cop is too heavy to carry”,you know,somewhere in that statement is the makings for a donut joke!

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  4. Relabel police, firemen, etc… as “First Reactors”, and push “First Responders” as those already on scene when the shooter goes active. Insist that these labels be used by the press and the politicians. Push these clarifying labels as hard as the PC crowd pushes their labels. Correct the PC crowd every single time they misrepresent these labels.

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  6. Reblogged this on The Defensive Training Group and commented:
    JC’s got a good point or two, as does the Sheriff who wrote the ‘open letter’. Get a CPL, train with it. You will most likely be first on the scene because it’s happening where you are standing! As to the ‘good cop’/’bad cop’ thing, I see more and more PD’s arresting and prosecuting ‘bad cops’ and I don’t see many civilians encouraging the ‘good cops’ to take a stand. So, for those good cops out there, “KEEP IT UP!” It’s noticed and appreciated.

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