Pollack’s “This Ain’t No Disco”

Pollack’s Blog addresses some valid points in this post and also here, that need to be stressed over and over. It ain’t gonna be a game of Modern Warfare 3 and if you want a description of something that I believe it will mirror, read Selco’s Blog. The insight there is real world, first hand. If you haven’t seen war up close, don’t try to act like you have and that you can “understand”, because you truly cannot. In the real world, the fantasies go out the window, and are replaced by “Worst nightmares”. Saying there is a “need”, is not the same as saying it’s a “desire”. I do not wish this upon our nation, but in the reality, I see the need for it. Anytime you start thinking “I wish we’d just ‘Get it on’!”, think about it in terms of the first thing to happen is your whole family being killed before your eyes, and you are powerless to stop it. If nothing else, this mindset will give you the appropriate and realistic “Need/Desire” ratio to keep your ignorant, dumbass comments of “Let’s get it on!” to a minimum.


DECEMBER 4, 2015 – 10:29 PM

In a recent post I remarked that, with bitterly opposing forces tearing at our rotting social framework, every public shock — in this case, the San Bernardino jihad assault — is a hammer-blow that “strains the joints and widens the cracks”. “Each time,” I remarked in a subsequent comment, “we split apart a little more.”

Commenter “pangur” asked:

Why is this bad? Why is it that we should make common cause with our enemies? A longing for an America that no longer exists is at best sentimental, and at worst destructively futile. Time to move forward, and apart.

The point is a good one. If, as I believe, the rot is already too deep, the disease too advanced, the rifts too wide, the enmity too bitter for the nation to recover, then the only hope for the restoration of something built on the old foundations of Western greatness will require, first, that this tottering edifice — this walking corpse — collapse. Indeed I think this is already underway.

Where I think I part company with many on the dissident Right — in particular, those who call themselves “neoreactionaries”, most of whom are, I think, several decades younger than I — is that so many of them seem to have a kind of breathless excitement about all of this; it seems they just can’t wait for all the fun they are going to have watching the apocalypse, and then rolling up their sleeves to show everyone how it ought to have been done. This seems to me profoundly, childishly, foolishly, heart-breakingly naïve.

When this Fall happens — slowly at first, probably, and then quite suddenly — it will not be fun, and it will not be exciting. It will be awful. There will almost certainly be terrible suffering and dislocation; chaos, violence, plunder, terror, and despair. A great many irreplaceable treasures — our children’s ancient birthright and heritage, that we have so shamefully squandered in little more than a generation — will be forever lost.

Whether we will be able to build something worthwhile upon this rubble is doubtful at best, and even if we manage it, it may take a very long time. High civilizations, and in particular high-trust societies, do not grow upon trees, and they are by no means the default human condition. Whatever follows a general collapse, or a civil war, in the West will not be a swashbuckling plot from a Robert Heinlein novel; it is far more likely to be a time of brutality, poverty, suffering, uncertainty, and fear.

Others may snap their fingers at the noble experiment now coming apart in America, and may imagine, on no practical experience, that they will know how to do it better. Not I. I will mourn and grieve for the great Republic we have, in our great unwisdom, so recklessly destroyed. Perhaps, as is received doctrine amongst neoreactionary sorts, the American system was doomed ab ovo; it carried in its very democracy the disease that would kill it. I have often said the same myself. But the men who framed this system knew this all too well themselves, and they knew and named the essential qualities and principles that might have inoculated us: qualities that we not only have failed to cherish, but now actively despise.

What makes us think we will get it right next time?



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


6 thoughts on “Pollack’s “This Ain’t No Disco”

  1. Roger that. Good points. Asymmetrical warfare, guerrilla warfare, resembles IRA older days.. If the Kenyan candidate goes ahead to day and announces the mandatory registration of all arms and shuts down gun shows as stated by CBS then what? Do you honestly believe that we are going to vote ourselves out of this mess? Does any of the so called representatives have any balls to tell the supreme federal that hell no we are not going to allow this illegal action? At this point my thoughts are to group together with friends and relatives in areas where one can live more self sustaining and peacefully then in or around large metro areas. Regardless of what we want, it will come down to total submission or the worse of all things. I too remember Iraq and Afghanistan. Only this time we become something like the Taliban … well an American version. IRA. Isolationist, terrorist, racist and all the other bad names everyone will be called who refuse to comply. Your neighbors will be your worse problem unless you have been lucky enough to surround yourself with friends and family whom you can trust. Remember logistics, intelligence, medical, training in various aspects of the new world, be as self sustaining as possible which all of these can not be performed alone. You must have tribe. Stay alert. LP

  2. “the American system was doomed ab ovo; it carried in its very democracy the disease that would kill it.” ~ the very disease was contracted, and it is called Democracy. A form of government our founders, to a man, despised.

    “…they are by no means the default human condition.” ~ amen

  3. I would not say breathless excitement is how I view the future, more a resigned anticipation.That said,I live for today and prepare for tomorrow.I do look forward with a bit of hope,that perhaps this country will arise from the ashes of it’s self immolation like the mighty phoenix a little wiser and a little less violent while still respecting others freedom.What exactly this rebirth will look like is at moment unknown at least to me,will try while I can to do the right thing/help others and if survive help rebuild/build anew.

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  5. MDT-

    I could not possibly agree with you more. The “American Experiment” is almost unique in all of known history, Switzerland excepted. The FreeFor should have three main goals:

    1) Defeat the present push towards tyranny;

    2) Recognise and shape the aftermath of the fall of these presently united States, i.e. determine the causes of the present deterioration of America, and construct robust structures to prevent a recurrence;

    3) Do both one and two above while retaining control of the strategic defence of America.

    I am working on a post on this specific subject and should have it up before the end of this year.

    Regards to you folks!


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