Here’s some thoughts from Sparks on this very important topic.


I only trust (on a personal level) three public figures in the so-called “3%” scene.

The first I’ve known almost 20 years, and was introduced to me by a friend whom I’ve known even longer than that, back when I lived in New York.  However, the fact that I’ve said he’s a public figure in the 3% scene will probably now require me to buy him a bottle of Class 6 Holy Water as an apology.

The second used to indirectly work with a former co-worker (and close personal friend) of a family member.  The circumstances of that job engender a level of trust from that one degree of separation.

The third person knows and worked with the first person.  Again, the circumstances of that job engender a level of trust from that one degree of separation.

Do you see the trend here?

Now I may not necessarily agree with them 100% of the time, but I have at least personally vetted them to a point where a certain level of trust can be granted to them.

When you meet someone for the first time in the 3% scene, can you trust them?

Probably not.

And yes, it’s a scene, not a movement. There is no unified national leadership with committees of correspondence to interface on the local level.  There is not unified support group where members can receive assistance when things go awry.  I only know of one person who has the technical ability to turn it into a movement.  That’s person #1, he’s not interested, and many of you don’t like him.

Now after you’ve gotten to know that person for a few years, worked with them on some projects, taken the time to vet them, and gotten to know them, then you might want to consider extending a certain level of trust to them.

Back when I wrote “the book” (available for free download and hard-copy purchase by clicking here), I talked about group formation in a lone wolf context.  I wrote that back in 2009, and my attitude hasn’t changed since then.  It doesn’t address national level organization, but if you’re that good you don’t need my book.  What it does address is organization on a smaller, more personal level, which is where you need to start.




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