The Effective Fundraising For Kenny

Check out Kenny/Wirecutter’s blog for the details about the fun day he had Wednesday. Of course Kenny will not ask for funds to pay an attorney he had to hire to thwart a specious allegation (sound familiar?) by the Kerodins. This time it was Holly acting as the surrogate for her husband, Hyman/Kerodin. Of course that makes sense, because a guy who implies to everyone that he’s a “Stone cold killah” (barf) making the allegation that he “fears for his life and safety” would be more counter productive to his “Killah Rep” than his BS talk about using the garrote, or his need to get “Wet”.


Kerolin BS 1

Of course Holly is a “delicate flower”, without the ability to protect herself from fictional “Courtland Grojean, Death Merchant type” villains, right? Here’s something to think about. If Hyman/Kerodin’s “Fight To Your Weapon” (FTYW) course (unarmed self defense, right?) is so effective at teaching defensive empty hand skills and making the student confident in their ability, why does his wife not feel she can protect herself from Kenny? Kenny is 1200 miles away, and has never made a threat towards any of them. Read the screenshot below, he says she does the techniques (FTYW) on him (a self acclaimed owner of combat skillsets, and he says he’s better than most, right?) with ease. If she doesn’t feel safe after training to the point of using them with ease, should you even bother wanting to learn them? Maybe you’d be better buying a gun. That’s something that Hyman/Kerodin can’t teach you to use due to past federal indiscretions.


Kerodin and weak Holly1Kenny needed our help raising funds. If for no other reason, the Kerodins need to be shown that what they have done will not be tolerated in our midst. It also showed solidarity and ability for us to finish a project that matters (show me a project that Kerodin has finished, or even given a NLT “finished by” date) and to do it quickly. A few out there immediately showed their support on their blogs, namely Angel at “The Lonely Libertarian”, Concerned American at “WRSA“, and George Patton.

The money for Kenny was raised within hours because good people out there decided to put their money where their keyboard was, and help Kenny show thugs that their actions will not be tolerated in this movement. Below is a comment I made this morning on another blog which posted Kenny’s situation. It gives my thoughts on the situation that has transpired.

“The Kerodins are doing what the Kerodins do. They tried to have Mark Firestone’s guns taken when they sent his Sheriff an email are trying to get Kenny’s guns taken away in this case as well (this is not the case to get money from Kenny) because Kenny is a “threat”. Why? Because among other things, Hyman/Kerodin can’t own guns himself, due to being a federal felon, and he wants to pass on “the love”. Hyman/Kerodin has a problem with anyone that is LE. Why? Well because LE (in this case the Secret Service) put him behind bars for trying to extort a large company when he saw an opportunity. Hyman/Kerodin doesn’t like .Mil, and calls them and LE the “Free Shit Army”. Why? Because he lied about his health issues to get into the military, and was kicked out during basic training when found out. Hyman/Kerodin has a problem with anyone who can have or do things he can’t, unless they kiss his ass and tell him he’s their leader. We (IIIPSFA Board) tried to give him a chance to develop into a leader with standing (we had the reputations to do that, he did not). Unfortunately, he didn’t take advice, and wanted to do his own thing, circumventing the Board’s approval,
“I originally suggested you be an immediate Director and there was pushback from one asshole – so I just did an end-around and after you accepted, announced to the world you’d accepted SPA.”  (Note: There was no “Asshole” I checked with everyone involved that would have been in a position to say anything about it, that was a lie he used to sell the idea to Kenny. We didn’t even know Kenny was coming in to the Board till his SPA position was announced by Hyman/Kerodin.)

Hyman/Kerodin decided to come after me in my official capacity in LE using a fake name and fake credentials as a member of the press, and saying I have a NeoNazi/Anti-Gov website and business, and that I did paramilitary training
Hyman/Kerodin says he has all the trappings of a commando with the “training” he received as a civilian. Of course he will not verify the name of one instructor he had in all those years, or one employer (when he “got wet”). Why? Because if he said who trained or employed him, it could be verified, or more than likely, denied by those individuals. They don’t want people to know the truth and facts about the goings on, Why? Do I think they did something illegal? I don’t know or care. That’s not for me to determine, especially since I lost no money to them and their games. All I lost was my reputation for backing solid patriots. I spoke out against his “wanna be” games with his “Jedburgh Academy” BS, and his “advice” to everyday patriots to call themselves “commandos”. If people don’t start to speak out enmasse about the BS they are pulling, shunning not only them, but those who still support them, since they now know what they are, what they did and continue to do, they will do it again. Someone asked me why I hate them. My reply was that “I don’t hate them. I won’t give them that much credit. But I do feel that after promoting him as I did, it is my responsibility to fix what I did wrong, and speak out about the things I believe he did wrong.” If it wasn’t for that, I would not have said anything, that’s for the people that invested money to do.”

I am proud to say that the type of people in the III% that acted on Kenny’s need are the same III% that I would identify with. “III%” is not a gimmick, or a meal ticket, it is a mindset that doubles as a lifestyle. Those that helped Kenny today, emulate that lifestyle at it’s core, and here’s to a job well done people. Stay vigilant however, who knows who they will try to silence next.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


5 thoughts on “The Effective Fundraising For Kenny

  1. JD,thanks for getting the word out.I went to Angels site,am not sure whether more funds needed or not reading it.I want to stay out of this mess but really enjoy Kenny’s site and posts and would be happy to help a bit if needed,you have a better view on this as Angels post not clear(to me)whether Kenny is set or not,thanks for any help and once again thanks for getting the word out,helping each other is the way of life.

  2. We still talking about that peckerhead Ken Lane?

    Just my little joke. I think the shit Kerodin pulled is knee-jerk and contemptible, what we Englodians call ‘not a straight bat’, and you Americans call ‘being a bitch.’

    Did I get that right? Basically south of the belt.

    Kenny seems like a gent – a feral fucker no doubt but solid.

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