Stop Complaining – Life Isn’t Fair

Great essay posted here. Are we men of action, or men of words? What have you done to prepare your Neighborhood Protection Team, Survivalist group, or militia unit for the times that are coming. To quote Kenny at Knuckledraggin’ My Life Away, “Opera Non Verba”.loosely translated as “Deeds Not Words”.He said he got it from a group of guys that were big on applying that motto to real world situations. Have you and yours decided what the plan is when things go critical? “We’ll all meet at Joe’s,” is not a plan, it’s a sham. It’s a cover for “I don’t know what we’ll do.” without having the guts to admit it. Planning falls under action, and actions is where you need to be. If you can’t show positive progress in you preparedness, you are deluding yourself. Those that rely on you will be the ones to pay, you’ll just get what you deserve because you knew better.

BTW, I’m not talking about petty negative vandalism BS, which does nothing but piss off people that really have nothing to do with the real problem (someone doing “community service” is not DA MAN). I’m talking about positive, sustainable, tangible, advancements in your goals (you’ve written down you preparedness goals with an acquisition timeline, right?) that are designed to take care of you and yours, and maintain at least a status quo in the “freedom department” in your area. Whether it’s Preps, Training, PT, or political awareness and action, if you don’t have a plan, you’re just playin’. You know the noose is already around our necks, right? All it will take is the hangman pulling the lever.

Planning is a prerequisite to action. Without it, it's a toss up.

Planning is a prerequisite to action. Without it, it’s a toss up.

Thanks to Matt Bracken for bringing this to my attention.

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
― H.L. Mencken

There’s a lot of cry-baby, defeatist behaviour among the various strands of the right. We are supposed to be the antithesis of the left and their Enlightenment notions. We are warriors. We conquered the world. Yet there are a many among the right who speak and act like victims.

The most abiding lesson my father taught me when I was growing up was that life isn’t fair. He’d tell it to me again and again until I understood. Problems do not go away by themselves. Crying solves nothing. Life isn’t fair. You’re supposed to learn this reactionary nugget of information early on in life.

But there seems to be many on our side who expect fairness from the world, even from our enemies, and they cry when they don’t find it. They complain about immigration but they won’t get married and have children. They complain there’s no good women to marry but they won’t improve themselves or look for women in places other than bars. Memes are funny but they won’t physically remove people on their own. Generally, there is too much talking and not enough organisation and action on the right.

Some have selected for themselves the make-work job of waking people up. In doing so, they have excused themselves of their duty to act physically and violently in the real world. They talk, tweet and share articles and urge people to wake up and then give themselves a big pat on the back as if their work is done.

They think the problems we face are to do with a lack of awareness, and if we all just share enough articles on Islam and black crime, Muslims and Africans will just behave themselves and go home.

Or there are those who fail to strike at the crux of the matter regarding immigration and Islam and those in power who are directing it. There are people who want to ban the burqa, on the grounds that it oppresses women, for example. As if it is the burqa that is the problem, and if we ban it then Muslims will miraculously integrate with Western society and sit around the office watercooler with us talking about beer and football.

We should be concentrating on the modesty of our own women. I do not care what Muslim women wear. We’re not trying to get Muslim women into bikinis. We don’t want them to integrate; we want them to leave. We want them out of Europe. Europe belongs to Europeans. The issue is one of blood and faith, not clothing.

There are those who like to feel that they have exposed some grand conspiracy. Bilderberg group! Iraq was just about oil! Obama is a secret Muslim! Cameron is a Zionist shill! Some or all of these things may or may not be true, but it’s used far too often as an excuse not to act. Or there are those who like to point out contradictions and discrepancies in the Quran. Aha! To them it’s like a Eureka moment. But it solves nothing and nobody cares. It’s intellectual cowardice. Blaming everything on the Illuminati is easier than fighting, raising children and acting like a man.

They have not fulfilled any sort of duty. They’re just one of many voices all shouting uselessly into the wind. They sound like victims, whimpering and complaining about their lands being stolen and their women raped. They see the problems in modern society, but doing the hard work of solving them is somebody else’s problem.

We don’t need to wake people up. Enough people are already awake. What needs to happen now is that those people who are awake become motivated, determined and carry out their duty to act against the enemy. We don’t need more dispiriting, defeatist voices. We need voices that inspire and speak of the good and beautiful things like duty, heroism and sacrifice.

A lot of noise is made about the violent nature of Muslims and urban black culture. Whites think that pointing out that blacks are dysfunctional and commit a disproportionate amount of rape and violent crime is a victory of some sort. It’s not. It’s an admission of weakness. You’re admitting that blacks and Muslims ruin your countries and that you do nothing about it. That is weakness.

Stop signing useless petitions. Stop begging politicians to save you. Stop talking about how immigrants are living on your taxes. Stop talking about how immigrants are violent rapists. Stop obsessing about the differences between a migrant and a refugee. Stop talking about how blacks are the real racists. Stop talking like a victim. Life isn’t fair. Stop crying and do something about it.

Europeans hold peaceful protests. Blacks riot, smash things up and burn down cities, confront authority and use violence to get what they want. They’re too shortsighted and disorganised to go after the real villains, the bankers, politicians and journalists, who seem intent on engendering a race war, but they’re doing more for themselves than you are.

Muslims organise themselves into gangs. They radicalise one another. They prey on underage European girls in packs. They create no-go areas in your cities and organise religious patrols in their territory. They support fanatical terrorist groups overseas and they’re plotting to bring them over here.

And Europeans? What do they do? Europeans are weak. They smugly point out that their protests are peaceful and orderly, as if anybody gives a shit about that. They think that their obedience to government is a virtue. This government which has invited non-European immigration, hidden the destructive results, and criminalised anybody who speaks out against it does not deserve your obedience. Europeans think that their lack of direct, violent and purposeful action is something to be proud of. It’s not. It’s weak, pathetic and shameful.

The recent Pegida marches were the most recent manifestation of the anti-EU, anti-Muslim, anti-immigration sentiment among Europeans. As many as 25,000 protesters rallied in Dresden. Their Facebook page has over 150,000 fans. And they have achieved absolutely nothing. A force of twenty-five thousand people is bigger than some of the armies which shaped the course of Europe’s history. But today, twenty-five thousand Europeans can’t even get angry enough to fight their way out of a poof’s tea party. All they did was gather in a crowd and beg their government to help them. The government hates you and wants to replace you with cheap foreign labour. Begging for mercy is pitiful.

Europeans protest about their corrupt and evil governments but are too scared to break the laws set down against them by those same governments. Europeans are walking willingly into cuckoldry and extinction and, worse yet, they congratulate themselves on refusing to even do anything about it.

Peaceful street protest simply isn’t an acceptable or suitable option any longer. It’s not proportional to the threat we face today. An uncountable number of European girls and women have been raped by Muslim aliens and the European man’s response is to mill about the town square and grumble about it.

Those 25,000 Pegida protestors could have caused a national emergency. They could have occupied the town and shut down local government. They could have dragged the corrupt politicians out into the streets and hanged them from lampposts. They could have ignored the protest entirely, organised into small teams and made hundreds of criminal traitors disappear overnight. That would have been a proportional response.

Peaceful protest signals that you’re not seriously interested in doing anything. Peaceful protest says you’re weak and afraid. Blacks and Muslims riot violently and spontaneously. Europeans apply in writing for permission to hold boring, peaceful protests that don’t scare anybody. Nobody in power cares about peaceful protests. Violence gets things done.

Ultimately 25,000 peaceful Pegida protestors achieved nothing. The story would have been the same if it had been 50,000 protestors. What happens as the foreign invasion grows? What happens when the rape epidemic gets worse? Just have a bigger protest? How big does the protest have to be for it to achieve anything? Even a million peaceful protestors will not achieve anything. The answer is not bigger protests. The answer is more radicalised Europeans. A few dedicated men will achieve far more than any number of peaceful protests.

One day you’re going to stand in front of your ancestors and have to account for your time on earth. Your ancestors had to fight and struggle for their very existence, which you fritter away complaining on social media. Your ancestors were warriors. They endured hardship, injury and death defending their homeland. Every inch of European soil, every breath of our air, every drop of blood that lives in our veins today was bought and paid for at the highest possible price.

Could you honestly stand in front of these men and tell them that you are their equal? These men built Europe and then died defending it. Our soil is stained with centuries of their blood. We owe our very existence to them. Does your armchair internet activism measure up to their heroism and sacrifice? Or do you want something more out of this life?

When I started this I was determined to make sure that it wasn’t going to be just another political commentary blog or website complaining about immigration. From the very outset it was conceived to be a solution and a way to find, organise and motivate those few men who are willing to take action.

Europe is being invaded by millions of people from the worst parts of the world. It’s easy to complain about it but it does nothing in the face of people who are crossing continents and oceans to get here. If we are to stop it, we need to meet it with the same type of iron determination. You should be ashamed to do nothing. You should want to fight. If you won’t act then you will be reliant on those who will. If you won’t fight for what is yours then why should you be saved? Life isn’t fair. We know. Harden yourself and do something about it.





American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

25 thoughts on “Stop Complaining – Life Isn’t Fair

  1. Another great post, Brother.
    A man has to get his hands dirty nowadays and I’m not talking about bloody. I’m talking dirt type dirty. Bloody will come later.
    Opera Non Verba

    • Thanks Brother. I’m just waiting for the morons to start shouting “Neo-Nazi sympathizer!” Here’s something from his “About” page. “We are not a movement based on hatred. We are only concerned for the survival of our own people. We reject the modernist miracle of equality but we do not seek racial animosity or conflict. It is however becoming increasingly apparent that the elites, either by neglect or design, are inflicting this upon us against our wishes. The Iron Legion will be ready to defend and lead our people when this happens.” We’ll see how many research the writer before spouting their BS.

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  3. I wish to ask an honest and heartfelt question.
    I prepare as I can I work 3 jobs and raise a family I teach my kids about God guns and guts.
    I teach them government is the problem not the solution I teach them what I can about Infantry and seafaring as that is my history I lead by example. I agree with most of what you post I see you as a good man that means well you are what I would like in my tribe.
    at this point what more can a man do this side of slitting throats? Im not opposed to such things but I can do little as one man and stay out of jail to raise my kids.
    God bless you and yours
    sic semper tyranus

    • Michael, that is the 5 trillion dollar question. I believe that there are only a few things we can do, but we should put as much effort we can into them. First, if you’re a parent, you do as you’ve said you are doing and see to the proper raising and mentoring of your children. That includes giving them the skills to successfully survive and protect others, and also teaching them how to think, not what to think. Second, I believe a person should put as much effort into preparing as possible, but not at the expense of living and enjoying life. A subset of that would be getting training, if you don’t already have it, in areas that will be needed when it hits the fan (it won’t just be a tactical melee). Third, Doing everything you can to be as in shape as painfully possible, and watching your diet is very important. This doesn’t mean living off of rice cakes (Hell no, a good steak or ice cream gives you things to enjoy), just being moderate with intake. This combined with your PT will make the things you do more enjoyable, and give you the edge when it hits the fan. Fourth. Check out your local politicians, tell them your concerns, and see where they stand. Talk to the Sheriff (highest LEO of any county, even outranks feds) to see where he stands on important issues. If he’s a “Pro liberty” guy, help get him re-elected. Kids (if you’re a parent), Preps (General and Specific), Training and PT They usually go together), Politics (Sheriff at a minimum). Notice politics is the last one in the priorities LOL BTW, I know how the multiple jobs thing inhibits all the above, I’m right there with ya.

      • Only as a point of discussion, (which would be a great post for discussion by itself), is that historically, ‘popular uprisings’ (which a ‘bottom up’ event could arguably be categorized as) were not very successful. Here’s a quick/easy list: Most of the synopsis comments indicate, “was led by…”

        Point being, the catalyst of whatever sort of event being discussed is never enough to bring like-minded people together in the sort of numbers necessary to establish even the most benevolent of infrastructures and then developing the leadership necessary to bring people to an intended end state, such as limited governance rigidly enforced by the population.

        Outside of an organization with existing performance/knowledge requirements, leaders seem to be chosen in the following way, generally speaking: People tend to draw their inspiration from ideals, and then compare and contrast the ideal against individuals who not only espouse the same ideals, but model the ideas by their consistent behavior and have various traits that are looked upon as assets (charisma, likability, speaking skills, appearance, etc)..

        I submit that in order for change to occur in any nation (defined by borders or homogeneity of people), a polity must form first, and when using the ‘liberty movement’ (comprised of preppers, survivalists, constitutionalism, anarchists, and anyone else who becomes involved either by their observance or participation) as an example, that has not occurred yet, due to the extreme factionalization that exists.

        Many self-proclaimed, falsely modest individuals out there have stepped up to the leadership plate in the liberty movement and instead of building a ‘bottom up’ movement (establish legitimacy first, then, by demonstrated behavior of helping others around them achieve a, b, or c,), default to building a “command staff” culture with organizations, regional sub-command, and so forth. Basically going at it ass backwards. Add to that the personal loyalties and private agendas evidenced in the discussions (not in meat space, but on line) and the concerted efforts to keep up a climate of ‘eating their own’ and it becomes clear why there is no ‘leader’ in the ‘liberty movement’.

        Thanks for the opportunity to discuss.

        • To clarify my point using an example, let’s say Gen Mattis was willing to be “In charge” of something like what we speak of. I’d imagine he would touch it till there were proven examples of people”Doing” as opposed to just “Saying”.

          • Which subject, he mentioned a few? As far as Koernke goes, he’s put out some good stuff over the years, and he’s also put out some pure Bullshit. Lying about your mil creds like he did in “America In Peril” was not a good start.

          • Thanks, but no thanks. “America in Peril” back in the 90’s was designed to induce panic and elevate the speaker to national prominence….until it came out that he wasn’t a ‘former intelligence officer’ at all. He was in the same league as Linda Thompson (now deceased from what I understand), you know, the lawyer that was threatening open rebellion. Not the kind of ‘informed opinion’ that would add to the discussion.

            My .02

  4. I will say the Europeans did put themselves at a great disadvantage by allowing(for the most part)their govt.s to disarm them.They can as a neighbourhood create a watch as far as crime and arm themselves to best of ability and deal with true crimes against their neighbours,they can if they feel need still make firearms and others means of defence/offence/they can at local levels(I hope)vote the bums out that follow the upper elites orders.We can do the same and really are pretty well armed as a people in small firearms ect.,a big box store can allow one to be armed on a larger scale.The best we can do now besides prepping/training if you have a group/is work at local levels and solve problems in our own areas,this does not mean violence(hopefully) but volunteering to if needed be a neighborhood watch/helping local charities that do actual good in your area/working to get rid of follow orders from higher up in govt. local officials/share knowledge whether it be martial/medical/food sustainability,heck,list is endless there.

    I agree that there is nothing more the powers that want to be would love than folks getting into a racial/religious inner country war that would give em a excuse to declare martial law,don’t fall for that trap but also don’t allow crime/evil to occur/continue due to “PC”,really doubt that is a issue with any reading this site.

    I believe it is tough to get folks together as we want/believe in freedom as long as not harming others,what we do with our freedom is so diverse at times we need to concentrate on the freedom to be be different/live our lives in peace,tough to do it seems but may become easier as the noose tightens further,and my favourite phrase,”Auribus Tenere Lupum”

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  7. Really there is only two options left civil war! Or civil disobedience. I call it the great American slow down! ! I’ll start with Florida my home state .pick three major cities, Jacksonville , Miami, Tampa, only ten people in each city. Then five trucks and five cars at monday morning rush hour. A frame signs on each truck with your message keep it short AND shocking go the slowest you can. AND rotate the lead car or truck .this will draw attention good and bad. Others will join in for more details go to big impact with few people . thanks patriotbob

  8. I call it the great American slow down!

    This is a good idea from the civil disobedience standpoint. I too agree with many points over at the IL blog. However, we must keep in mind that any open conflict with the immigrant hordes or criminal class plays into the hands of the oligarchy as much as do-nothing and peaceful protests. Either way the ‘rulers’ find justification for more tightening the screws of the state to maintain ‘order’.

  9. Bracken was also right about planting seeds so to speak. Put that Infidel sticker on your truck, wear that glock hat or 2nd amendment t-shirt out in public or educate your kids that urinals are for men and not cross dressers. Start the conversation and make people think. Do your part to win others over. That’s less on team prog. when tshtf.

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