Training Priorities

Are your priorities correct, or are you faking it? You can’t bluff the reaper.

The Defensive Training Group


This image says quite a bit, doesn’t it?  When discussing preparedness, training, NPT building, and sustained readiness, it rings even more true.  Lately some folks I know who started on the road to getting themselves ready to take care of ‘precious cargo’ have demonstrated where they really are by virtue of their priorities.


One example is a young man I know who had been asking quite a lot about a particular firearm and some training to go along with it once he purchased it over the last couple months.  He told me he had specifically ear-marked his growing fund for a good AR, a couple cases of ammo, and magazines.  He was supposed to make a purchase at the end of September.  Today he volunteered that he had to put off the purchase because he needed to buy a new air conditioner, but within a few months, he’d be back…

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