Leadership, Motivation, and Support

25 April, 2015


I’ve heard a lot of talk recently from those who believe they will lead the charge, comes the “Day of Reckoning”. Frankly, I can’t believe anyone gives some of the rhetoric, advice, and plans espoused by a few self appointed “leaders” in the “movement” any credibility or time. A recent video I watched, illustrates my point. Apparently there’s an ex-con putting out a call to “patriots” to converge on the mine in Oregon. From what I hear, he was at Bundy ranch stirring up trouble, and now he’s doing it in Oregon. This guy thinks he’s a leader, but in reality, he’s a blowhard, inciting over reaction, and trying to make a name for himself.

I love hearing or seeing a blowhard talk about what they’re gonna do when they are given the opportunity on “G Day”. They believe they will lead you “the troops” to victory (as a Field Marshal I’m sure), but don’t have any background, training, or experience to back up this claim (and no, I’m not just talking about military training). There are those who talk tough on the internet, but when you look at their background and experience (or lack thereof), you realize being “well read” doesn’t equate to anything but “Fluff”, and “Substance” need not apply in their case.

Combat leadership is not about tough talk, it’s about responsible decisions. A true leader makes responsible choices, not irresponsible claims. A combat leader is DECISIVE. Decisiveness evolves from experience. Experience comes from training.  Making good and bad decisions during training is how combat leaders get experience outside of combat (When training junior leaders, their bad decisions were better teaching moments for me). Seeing that you make good decisions in training breeds confidence in your decision making ability. Although reading histories and advice from experienced leaders can make a leader better, it does not create a leader. Being well read without application (use in training or combat) of those principles makes you a military history professor, not a combat leader. Keep that in mind the next time you see a “Keyboard Commando” saying what they will, or will not allow people to do when things go hot.

I know a lot of you out there are feeling less than motivated right now. One of the big problems I’ve had for years was all the guys thinking the were going to be the “lone sniper”, or a “door kicker” when the SHTF. It was obvious for a number of you, that the only thing being “sniped” would be an innocent bystander in a McDonalds, (the weapon of choice would be the levis jeans button, which had finally failed to retain the massive “modular food storage unit”, encased within said jeans), and the only door being kicked in would be the local fast food establishment, for not unlocking their doors on time.

Now some are being given grief for coming to a “reality” moment, and realizing they are not at the realistic level they need to be, to function as an effective rifle squad member. Whether you aren’t at that level, due to age, prior injury, a lack of  physical motivation, or a combination, you need to understand that this realization is a big first step. Practical, realistic analysis of your capabilities give you a leg up over the “Call of Duty” crowd, and I appreciate you figuring it out now, prior to the event we are preparing for.

Train to the level you can attain, constantly push yourself to get better physically, and always strive to increase your knowledge and understanding of the skills required for survival. Anyone thinking they will be able to pick and choose who will fight beside them based on their interpretation of your motivation and perceived ability, will be an army of one. Without a team, they will be committing a noisy version of suicide.

I’m not saying “Don’t do PT”, “Don’t train”, or “Don’t learn all you can from the vast amount of available material”.  Find some motivation (it’s all around us), Do PT, Get training, and Always be learning new skills. The fact remains that it will probably take at least five Support Personnel for every Rifle Squad member that is available, and the Support Personnel need to be able to fight just like the Rifle Squad member will (Who do you think the bad guys will attack if they can,  Grunts or Support?) Do your best, constantly improve,  that’s all I expect you to do.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

3 thoughts on “Leadership, Motivation, and Support

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  2. Anyone with half a sense of reality will already know that when the hammer drops you will make do with what you have, not what you wish you had. There will ppl who you will have to simply avoid being around that are outright liabilities but there will also be times when you will have to make do with who you have by your side, not who you wish you had by your side. Sometimes a live body is better then no body…

    What more is when the hammer drops i think a lot of unassuming quite types will blossom and a lot of these talkers will be standing around with their thumb in their poop trap because they dont have the internet to hid their shortcoming and misdeeds…

    True story:

    I had a guy contact me on Fb last week and he actually had a picture of him dressed in the latest and greatest USMC Battle Rattle while he stood in line to buy Call of Duty.. This was a grown ass man, not some kid. Ill say one thing about this guy,. at least he was an honest nerd..


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