Mason Dixon Vixen-I’m Reloading, Hold My Purse (Lady Balls: Part Deux)

Monday, April 6, 2015   

Well said by my Significant Other at Mason Dixon Vixen.

Per a very special request, here it is…THIS IS A CALL TO ALL WOMEN, GIRLS, AND SOME VERY VERY GIRLY BOYS! LEND ME YOUR….i was going to say vagina, but that isn’t really what I want….um how about your eyes? Eyes it is. So you ever watch a horror film with the fam or the sexy time friend and the main leading lady thing winds up running around screaming her head off instead of thinking through the problem? (and might consider that maybe continuously running upstairs is a bad idea). Well this post is in regards to survival and women. (hint: always run when the theme music starts playing)

So for starters, you ever really notice that majority of the time in any kind of outdoor/survival situation, those of the female persuasion tend to not be so into it (unless they are awesome of course)? I completely understand. Hanging out in the cold or heat is exhausting, not showering for days on end, also not fun. I really hate freeze dried food…and bugs….and sleeping on the ground, but all in all, I never get as good of a sleep as I do when I camp. But this isn’t in regards to general camping, this is if by some chance (probably a good one) something catastrophic happens and you have to suck it the fuck up and survive.

I’ve heard from a few, that their female counterparts do not take part in their survival ideals. I.E. food storage, medical supply storage, stocking guns/ammo, communication. I personally have encouraged all of these by being there to support my better half, as well as financially. Do I enjoy spending my money on medical supplies or radios for the car? not particularly. I’m a gamer….enough said. But I also see the need for these things and feel like it would be best to be prepared. I do not want to have to rely on the kindness of others to survive because they will be trying to survive themselves. By the by, screaming your head off, crying, falling down (multiple times), whining, and generally being an asshole will help no one. Especially you. Because they will leave your ass behind or eat you. (om nom nom)

Here’s a good example of what not to do: The Road. (SPOILER ALERT: it sucked balls) I absolutely hated this movie. It was like a guide on how to be a fucking idiot. I watched this a couple years ago with my man, him thinking it would be a good learning experience, me just getting pissed off. The woman; a wife, and mother to a young child, goes absolutely banana balls, gives up on life, her husband, and her child, and completely dips out saying “peace bitches, I’m outie” and waltzes off into the cold wearing just about nothing. Like are you kidding me?! What feeble minded mewling quim (thank you Avengers) just up and leaves because they don’t feel like making any decisions anymore aside from being a little bitch. (the rest of the movie was just as terrible, but this being the beginning, kinda set the tone) What do we learn from this? Be more like the chick from Vikings.

It’s time to take charge of yourself, calm yo tits, and support your supporter. Now in mine and Mr. Tacticals relationship, things are more or less even. When it comes to the more tactical things, I rely on him to lead me because he is the authority on such matters in this household. When it comes to the medical chest, (even though that shit makes me woozy) that is my domain. I organize that shit like a beeotch. But that just means that when something happens, I know where things are, everything is labeled and everything is in its own container. We both do the guns because….well because they’re awesome. When the time comes and something does happen, we will be (some assemblance) of prepared. Is it going to be fun? Hell no. Am I looking forward to it?

But to me, the fact that I will be alive and that my family will be protected, means more to me than…..than….indoor plumbing. hot showers? ah shit I’d miss that. But it’s still more worth it to me. You need to start taking responsibility for yourself. When things go to hell, you will have no one to blame for your short comings but yourself and anyone that you allow into your life that discourages being prepared. Anyone that you allow into your inner circle that has any kind of pull on your thoughts or actions should be of like mind, or they should stay just a friend or acquaintance.

We need to be supporters in every capacity (like a bra…lol boobs). Supporters of our families, of our children, of our men (or women if you’re into that kind of thing) and mainly, a supporter of ourselves. So seriously now, stop pushing things to the back of your mind because they are unpleasant. Stop putting off things that should be prepared now while you still have the ability to do so. So really,

Vix out!

Yep, She’s a keeper!
American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

6 thoughts on “Mason Dixon Vixen-I’m Reloading, Hold My Purse (Lady Balls: Part Deux)

  1. I did not dislike The Road in any sense of the word but but i found it a refreshing glimpse at how most people will end up post-hammer drop-event. Well as close as you can get and still have a story worth watching. I will also say the writers and producers were very generous in the luxuries they afforded the characters through out the story. Especially in terms of how long they lived. Your man and I have had many conversation about this topic via skype.

    This endless Bushcraft survival and Road Warrior/Red Dawn wet dream fantasy that has infected western “survivalist” is like a plague to reality thinking. As are a great many books being pushed out there. I agree this movie is a “how to” of what not to do but most people will be doing exactly that. I can see mass deaths from ppl cooking over chemically treated wood that they ripped off the frame of a house to eat a dog they found dead under said house and drinking water that would kill a zombie, or just simply making water filters from bad materials- inadvertently infecting themselves with lethal bacteria because they honestly dont know any better. Modem man is not a durable, self sustaining product..

    To me The Road was reality in such a way as to offer what most ppl will be experiencing as they meander through the last days of their worthless existence. Many will simply die on top their pile of kit and ammo-decomposing into a pile of rancid fat and bones ( gun firmly clutched in hand with all the bells and whistle gadgets they thought would save thier life) -then oozing off the top of it, sliding to one side, as their corpse disintegrates into a pile of greezey bile and infectious stench. ,

    The road, though not exciting, nor as glamorous as other sources of entertainment of this type, I think it still has a place that IMO, is much more useful then other movies and sources of entertainment like this that doles out false hopes and expectations that have little if anything to do with reality. Especially when some ppl interject their politics or religion into the mix. Its pure posturing bullshit.. if i was Poppa I would have killed and eaten that boy just so I wouldn’t have to hear his say Poppa Poppa one more time..

    Good post. I enjoyed reading it..

    Greeting from Alaska.




  2. Oh, believe me, to see a glimpse of how most people would be after the collapse, The Road was very informative. I’m not saying it was a bad movie, especially for the content. It just really pissed me off with the amount of stupidity.

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