Essential Skills: The Learning Curve – It’s Harder to Traverse Than You Might Think

More excellent insight into the reality of becoming proficient.

The Defensive Training Group

Qulafication 5

All over the blogosphere, including here, you will find various posts on the ‘how to’ of performing a particular task or a certain skill from basic to advanced levels of performance and knowledge.  A great majority of the posts are not only well-written, but provide the with pure gold, so to speak, when it comes to essential information.  What is typically not found, however, is, “the other shoe,”, that is, how long it takes to master those same tasks or skills.  And truly, it’s not by attending one or two or even five 3 day courses at one school or another, no matter who’s running the course.

It’s great that there are schools available to get the training; it really is, and we here at DTG are that training is being sought after and attended by people who want to really know how to take care of their own.   Whether it’s our courses or someone else’s.  Our…

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