Organizing Against Tyranny

7 Feb, 2015

H/T to WRSA and Alt Market

Here’s a great article on the problem, and maybe some solutions to what ails the “Community”. Here’s an interesting quote:

“Destructive Egomania

In my time in the movement, I have seen relatively good men with sound ideals exhibit insane behavior and absurd motives when exposed to a mere 15 minutes of fame. Ego is truly the greatest Achilles’ heel of any activist organization. This is a fact that corrupt governments are highly aware of.

If you look into the history of the FBI’s subversive Cointelpro efforts from the 1950s onward, you will find a common tactic used to dismantle anti-establishment groups, which is to sow discord among organizers and coordinators by feeding egos and turning them against each other. Like the ring of power in the “Lord of The Rings” books, the desire for leadership can blind people to the greater cause. They develop delusions of grandeur, thinking they are the next guru, the next prophet, the next man to lead the charge to permanent historical stardom. Each person believes that if only hehad the ring, if only he were the leader, he could resist the temptations of power and achieve what others could not. And so he refuses to work with others or to share the stage, or he even attempts to subvert or co-opt the legitimate accomplishments of more capable men.

The only solution is to cast off the ring forever, to care nothing for the supposed glories of leadership and to work only for the betterment of others.

I have also seen people within the movement fall victim to the admiration of their own fan base. Positive feedback from readers is certainly helpful, but I would be writing everything I write now even if every email I received were laced with vitriol (sometimes they are). The truth does not require fans; it functions fine without them. Liberty champions do, on occasion, receive letters of adoration — from being compared to Thomas Paine all the way to being labeled the next Jesus (the former being flattering and the latter being just plain weird). The problem is not public appreciation; it is the cult of celebrity that many Americans have grown too attached to, as well as the fact that some activists in more public positions have a hard time handling positive attention without their heads expanding 10 sizes too big.

The fact is I don’t matter, liberty leaders and personalities don’t matter, the limelight doesn’t matter, and the level of our fan base doesn’t matter. All that matters is how effectively and efficiently we can get the facts to the public. Organization suffers when the cult of celebrity takes over, whether in the minds of activists or in the minds of the people who represent them in the media.”

I see this as one of the biggest problems that plagues the patriot movement (and have for the last 28 years I’ve been involved in it). These types are only made worse by those that idolize them (above all others) and don’t give their edicts and “advice”due scrutiny, simply because they are “The One”, and are “In the know”.  Resist the urge to assign any one person that (“The One”) label. If you do that, you will keep the weaker minded among us from going “full retard”, simply due to their inability to handle their new found fame and popularity. There are a number of people that have fit this description over the years (I’ve dealt with a few of them). It’s disheartening to see people you put trust in, reveal a side that you’d never have thought possible, and make you question if the signs were there, and you just chose not to see them.

There are a number of good trainers and bloggers out there. On the blogger side, you have Sipsey Street Irregulars, III Percent Patriots, Guerrillamerica, WRSA, Dan Morgan76, etc. and on the trainer/blogger side you have Mosby, Sierra12, Max Velocity, Sparks31, DTG, etc. just to name a few. NONE OF US ARE IMMUNE TO THIS FLAW IN HUMAN NATURE! If you know someone that has acted like this, go to them, tell them what you’ve observed (have proof), and tell them it’s unacceptable, and time is too short to muddy the water with this shit.  It’s that simple. We have a responsibility to police ourselves. If we do not. we will continue to give off the image of an ineffective, infighting, unorganized group of overweight, pompous rednecks. At that point, the only thing we will “resist” is success in the most important endeavor imaginable, the freedom and liberty of our children.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



4 thoughts on “Organizing Against Tyranny

  1. First and foremost I’m not taking any sides here other then the side of productive time. Because that’s what matters. Nothing else. So if you think its about you, directed at you and you come to get cross pissed in your ODOMETER, you might have an ego..

    This is why I say associate with very few people and just focus on your own survival/defense training. These days Its a waste of time otherwise. How much time has been wasted with this current situation that could have been spent furthering the cause of survival or self defense? I suspect a lot more and it sure would have been a far better way to spend other ppls time. Lets face it, you’re talking to the masses. Its their time more then yours.. Handle it with care… Seek respect not attention, its lasts longer. Yeah its all about certain ppl and ppl feel the need to defend themselves from perceived verbal assaults (I’m guilty too at times) but who really eat the shit being slung? Ill tell you: The people looking to learn and seeking guidance, that’s who..And while some think they won the crowd and the cheers of victory that feed an ego in an argument ,and falsely validate an argument, the only thing they really won is the dramatic encouragements of ppl too dumb to know their time is being wasted.

    Many others have seen this time and time again in various circles and its what crippled two groups I was in that were great groups with lots of potential. They would still be around today if not for some cowards sowing hate and discontent with back stabbing tactics. ( FOR NO OTHER REASON THEN THE EGOS. DAMN THE MISSION & GROUP, DAMN THE TIME AND MONEY SPENT BY OTHERS, MY EGO IS MORE IMPORT!) Its selfish bullshit, pure and simple and everyone loses..

    I say keep it close and functional away from the ramped childish dramatics that infest and cripple the minds of most I have met. It seems like egos, selfishness and fame over shadow all and the microsecond someone thinks you’re wrong its pounced upon with great fury, vengeance and prejudice. It just fuks everything up. Then from there its proliferated in the form of back stabbing conversations from ppl who most of the time are no where near having this shit together. I also enjoy the ppl who disguise their insecurities under the mask of the word “Debate”. Simply put Its a red flag of weakness that eventually even a blind man will come to see from miles away. Maybe not at first but it will be recognized as the battle standard of bullshit by all.. Its as if no one is ever wrong? Fuken be wrong and admit to it, own it! Its called being honest. ITS HOW WE LEARN and GROW to be better at what we do. It will come full circle and make you a better instructor, survivalist, gun fighter and even a better friend to someone. Only a coward thinks he is always right and refuses to see there is always room to improve and learn..

    There’s something sick and foul about the minds of most ppl i have met in the survival community. I think the Tv has saturated ppl minds with an instinct to be dramatic as a way to handle problems. And Its needlessly manufactured. All of it. I dont worry about groups or ppl anymore because Ive come to the conclusion that the cream will rise to the top and all this will sort itself out when the hammer drops. Minor men will become mighty leaders & fighters, and whats more is I think ppl will be shocked to see who will fall to ruin when the hammer is really down. You cannot bullshit experience and training no matter how much shit you sling around to make yourself look good. I get so much more done just minding my own shit then taking on other ppls problems. But at the same time its sad that ppl are like this. Its shouldn’t be..

    To me walking away says more about a man then childish bullshit of “he said/she said”. And that’s NOT ( I REPEAT NOT) directed at anyone. Just maybe something to think about..

    But what do it know. I’m probably wrong. I usually am..

    Thai is all.

    Eisenheim, Alaska.

  2. I haven’t been in the community as long as some others have, but I have damn sure seen my share of inflated egos and what it causes.. Damn shame. But on the flip side of the coin, the optimistic side of my brain tells me that when everything goes sideways, its not going to matter what organization you’re with.. we’re all going to come together out of necessity if nothing else. We as patriots are a small group and we need each other. Which is why it is so imperative that regardless who trains us or who we train, we need to be all on the same page so we can operate together when the time comes…regardless of affiliation. Great post.

  3. Yep. I have witnessed it in social organizations and in the patriot communities. Hovering over and the ego self-destruct button with the urge to push it and then turning away from it takes some self-appraising. Then others slap it with unfettered might to show that they are the biggest and baddest MF’ers disregarding the destructive results for everyone involved. I think it is time for EVERYONE to step back and do some soul-searching. What are/were your goals in the first place? If it is to build a community and networking, then lets get on with it. If it is a business with profits first, then call it what it is.

    In the end, the patriots goal is to defend and our families/communities when needed. Running and gunning is only one aspect of this “pie” called survival but for some seems to be the most important and dwelled upon because by some because of the bad-assness projected.

    For myself, I will continue to seek trainers who are genuine and have my best interests at heart. That means the paid-for training and the free stuff. My hope is that no matter who you train with, that trainer does not put a set of blinders on you. That you do not see everyone as the enemy and that common sense prevails. This is not a black and white world. There are lots of grey.

    The chaff is separating from the wheat and maybe the current environment will open a few eyes to who you want to trust your skill building to.

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