AAR from Joe F – RSF Course 101

27 Jan, 2015

The last AAR was given from the perspective of a guy with little formalized SUT training (My July class was his first one). This AAR is from the perspective of a couple who have taken numerous classes from a number of resources (Storm Mountain, Suarez, Max Velocity, and Sparks31, to numerous classes I’ve offered) Joe and Helen have a very unique and experienced perspective on getting tactical training for the Survivalist.


“Travelling” with a lead wedge, trail diamond



 Helen & I have taken all of JC Dodge’s courses, some twice.  JC never disappoints.

 In particular at this FTX, JC had more open land available to use, more rolling farm fields than dense forest like Echo Valley Training Center in WV.  You might say well so?  It’s a BIG deal.  For it was the first time since we have been training we were able to utilize the wedge and diamond 6 and 12 man formations and had it make sense on the ground.  It was a whole new dimension to patrolling to see just how large 5-10m inter-man spacing gets in a skirmish line or with a wedge 6 man lead squad with a 6 man diamond trailing squad in both traveling and traveling overwatch, with increasing squad spacing from just traveling to overwatch.  Due to the width of the fields and the snow/ice cover we did not rehearse bounding overwatch with this squad disposition.

 As well as modifying the US Army’s 9 man squad to a 6 man team (NPT)/12 man Squad/Detachment, allowing even the Team leader to have a battle buddy, JC also developed the  “WHY” of certain man/equipment assets positioning within the 6 man team and throughout the various formations.  This was done from both a leadership basis, the guys with the most experience and from the weapons or specific skillset a man has, e.g. Medic, Heavy Gun, Commo.  It is the first time I have been instructed on these aspects of patrolling.  It alone is worth the cost of instruction, not having to learn the hard way.


Reviewing with the “Team Leader” what his responsibilities are when setting up a linear ambush.


 We have spoken about the need for 360 security, but we have never really rehearsed it until this weekend, especially in the linear ambush rehearsals.  Just like never leaving your battle buddies alone, 360 is that important.

 There were a couple of other information points that will be invaluable in any upcoming unpleasantness, but you have to come and train to get them.  They will be surprises!

 Helen & Joe”


Some of the 101 class participants


I hope the perspective of these very experienced trainees gives some insight into what MDT offers to future MDT alumni. Whether a novice, or highly experienced, get out and train, and keep training till there’s nothing to train for.



BTW, The RSF “Bushbastard” course participants get a 37 page handout that can be used throughout the class for note taking. This isn’t so much as a need for the student while taking the class. It is for the student to review later on when he wants to continue practicing what he’s already learned. 


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


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