The Ballot Box….Or The Cartridge Box?

31 Oct. 2014


I have heard about a number of early voters in multiple states (Illinois and Maryland so far) using voting machines that automatically changed their vote from Republicant to Democrap. Although I feel it is a duty to go vote, If the system is rigged to this degree (blatantly obvious!) what’s the point? Well, while we have the ability, you need to go vote. Do I think it will make a difference? I don’t know (at least a large third party turnout might cause some concern). Do you have the right to talk shit if you don’t go vote? NOT AT ALL! It’s just like training. If you don’t put in the effort yourself, you have no right to criticize those that do, or the type of training they are doing. Be a Do’er, not a Talker.

Here’s two things I wrote two years ago, that are just as valid to think about for this election. Are you a “Lesser of two evils” voter, or are you someone that votes on your convictions and principles? Obviously this is dated material, so you need to fill in the blank, when judging the candidates who you can vote for. I don’t vote for a person because they happen to have an (R) in their title (I’m registered “Constitution” party). I vote for a person, because they espouse the same beliefs, guiding principles, and goals that I do. Most of the problems we have now can be placed at the feet of the apathetic, uneducated (politically), and/or “Party line” voter.

A Germanfreude

The text: “Before: Unemployment, hopelessness, desolation, strikes, lockouts. Today: Work, joy, discipline, comaradarie. Give the Führer your vote!”



Election Time, Hitler VS Stalin

14 Oct, 2012

Less than a month away from the Hitler vs Stalin election. Not a fair comparison you say. Well all I keep hearing is that Romney is “The lesser of two evils”. What that tells me is, those that feel that way would vote for Hitler over Stalin, every time. Yup it’s true, you’d vote for Hitler, here’s why. Hitler only killed about 11,000,000 people to Stalin’s 20,000,000+, so that means he’s the lesser of two evils, right? Hitler’s national socialism promoted german patriotism (Don’t forget, a cry for patriotism is how the patriot act got passed.), as opposed to Stalin’s communism promoting solidarity with class/workers all over the world (not unlike obama). Both candidates agree with, and have implemented a universal healthcare program, right? Both candidates agree with banning guns, but only one has done it, ROMNEY! Romney believes in using government regulation to force people to comply with.

“Mr. Romney has propounded the benefits of expanding and enforcing regulations, including the minimum wage and environmental laws. He has argued that government spending, including public investments in private companies, can stimulate the economy and create jobs. And he has advocated tax penalties to shape public behavior, as in his successful campaign to penalize Massachusetts residents who do not obtain health insurance. In recent years he has modified or abandoned some of these positions as he courted Republican support.” NY Times Aug 27, 2012.

“WHEN Mitt Romney was governor of liberal Massachusetts, he supported abortion, gun control, tackling climate change and a requirement that everyone should buy health insurance, backed up with generous subsidies for those who could not afford it.” The Economist Aug 25, 2012

So let’s talk about his abortion position, what do you think of this?
During an unsuccessful Senate bid in 1994, Romney said: “I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country. I have since the time that my mom took that position when she ran in 1970 as a U.S. Senate candidate. I believe that since Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years we should sustain and support it.”
On Jobs and Wages; The Kennedy-Romney Debates/Debate Excerpts, BOSTON GLOBE, Oct. 26, 1994, at 23.
When asked during his 1994 Senate campaign about his position on emergency
contraception (also known as the “morning-after” pill), Romney said: “I don’t really
understand how it works or when it works but my understanding is that it is an effective
morning-after pill and I think it would be a positive thing to have women have the choice of the taking morning-after pill…. I would favor having it available.”
Andrew Miga, Romney Leans Toward Abort Rights Camp, BOSTON HERALD, May 19, 1994, at 30.

So go ahead and tell me about your “conservative” candidate now, wait, don’t tell me, his views have evolved, right? If you people are foolish enough to believe a candidate doesn’t change his stripes to be polically expedient, your fools. This guys is Obama’s guts’ with a different publicist. He is an ANTI GUN, PRO CHOICE, PRO UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, BIG GOVERNMENT, LIBERAL WOLF in a sheepdog’s clothing. He sure as hell isn’t a sheepdog, just read what he’s done, to know where you’re going sheep.
No matter what anyone tells you, casting your vote for a third party candidate, for reasons of principle, is not throwing your vote away. When all they give you as primary choices are Hitler or Stalin, third party is the clear choice.

American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


Sept 9, 2012

I’ve been hearin’ an awful lot of the “Your throwin’ away your vote” mantra lately, so I figured for the sake of the less enlightened, I would spell out my position and that of many others, so there is NO misunderstanding. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO VOTE FOR ROMNEY! Yep, I said it, and here is why.

1.T o be able to freely exercise your rights, you must have at your disposal an efficient means to thwart those who don’t believe you should be able to exercise those rights. In other words, a firearm. Mr. Romney has done more to inhibit law abiding citizens from attaining efficient means of self protection, than BooHOo has. He signed legislation as Gov of Mass that banned semi automatic firearms. He said “I believe the people should have the right to bear arms, but I don’t believe that we have to have assault weapons as part of our personal arsenal,”  I don’t care if the NRA endorses him, they’ve been playin’ games with politicians for God knows how long, and Romney only joined the NRA in 2006, because he was running in 2008. He’s changed his position on firearms now, you say. Yeah, I bet he has, but actions speak louder than words my friend.

2.Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t BooHOo use ROMNEYCARE as the template for OBAMACARE? Why would I want to vote for the grandfather of obamacare, really, one good reason. Well, Ol’ Romney is gonna sign an executive order on his first day in office to repeal it, good for him. But wait, there’s more. Then he’s gonna come up with something better, and all this from the grandfather of obamacare. Yes, I know he’s gonna “work with the states” to      draft their own Romneycare, AWESOME for us, huh? Well, at least the SCROTUS probably won’t get in his way, they’re to busy worrying about their “Legacy”. In the end, biggest of many issues in obamacare is the unconstitutionality of the individual mandate, and Romney had it in romneycare, and wants it for the rest of the country. What does that tell you?

There it is, my main reasons for not voting for Romney/Ryan. Only two you say, well I voted for Perot on ’92 because Bush said “no new taxes”, and was supposedly pro gun, till he passed one of the biggest gun control laws, prior to AWB ’94, and it concerned semi auto’s to.  I took the route the lemmings took last election, and voted for McCain, even though it turned my stomach. He would have gotten us to the same point obama did, just slower due to need of a walker. I vowed after the last election that I would never compromise my principles again, to help a perceived need, and I will stick to that vow.

The republicans think they can throw up  (REGURGITATE) any candidate, and if he is perceived to be slightly less draconian than the opposition, that we will have to vote for him. Guess what, I DON’T! If the Repubs want my vote from now on, they will have to EARN IT! I’m a member of the Constitution Party, so Goode/Clymer is where my vote is going. I know, “I’m throwing away my vote”.,Not at all. One, it’s my vote, and unless I don’t use my vote, it does matter. Two, I’ve actually EARNED MY RIGHT TO VOTE, can you say the same? Most of you have been given that right, and never had to do anything for it. I’m fine with that, but never preach to a combat veteran about how to use his vote unless he asks your advice/opinion, you don’t have the right! Principles/Convictions are funny things. Alot of the time, they get in the way. Make no mistake, the more you compromise them, the more your character is also compromised, no matter what excuse you make. This election is about Principles more than any I’ve ever seen. Are you willing to take the chance of suffering and heartache like the Founding Fathers did, to prove you have guiding principles you live by? In the end, that’s what PRINCIPLES are all about, doin’ the hard thing, when everyone around you wants to take the easier, less ethical/moral route. Ask Neville Chamberlain about compromise, can you say “Peace in our time.”


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

19 thoughts on “The Ballot Box….Or The Cartridge Box?

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  2. The “other” Maryland voting scandal. Illegal aliens can register to vote when obtaining drivers licenses, as time moves on illegal aliens on the voters rolls get a notice to serve on a jury. The illegal aliens fill out a state document under penalty of perjury that they are NOT citizens and cannot serve on a jury. Multiple felonies covered up so Democrats can get re elected.

    So far newspaper reports are non existent a Virginia lawyer has filed suit in federal court on behalf of 4 Frederick Maryland plaintiffs.

    After the election it would be possible to determine how many illegal aliens voted and to eliminate their vote and potentially change the election.

    Multiple this by every state in the Union!

  3. Participating in the political life of the country up to casting a ballot I think is a necessary part of the morale level of war. The other option is to segregate and isolate yourself from the polity, and my advice don’t do that.

    4GW negate the state. And quite frankly the libtard donkeys and their parasite elephant ticks are doing a smash up job of negate the state.

  4. Tell me what is the difference between the “lesser of two evils” when that is now the choice in voting- evil is evil. I refuse to whore my vote or myself this election day. Voting electronically or by the ongoing method of paper ballot is a total farce. Save gas or a stamp- stay home your vote doesn’t mean a whit..

    • No one said you need to whore yourself out. If there is no candidate you agree with (third party or otherwise), any where on the ballot, don’t go. If there is only one candidate, and he happens to be a third party candidate who esposes your beliefs and convictions, but has no chance of winning, you should still go and vote for him to give your support, and tell TPTB that you’re still around, and they’re not getting off that easy.

  5. With all due respect, voting, at this point, with or without the massive evidence of voter fraud, only legitimizes the tyranny and corruption being installed.
    It is not your duty, nor mine, to vote. It is our right, our privilege, our obligation to posterity to utilize that thing whom many here, and other sites, refer to so often…The Second Amendment.
    What more can we bear witness to? What more MUST we bear witness to before the “patriot community” can be compelled to act?
    Our country, our heritage, rule of law and our LIBERTY are being not just denied and ridiculed but actively attacked and destroyed.
    And what have we done?
    Wailed and gnashed our teeth? Makes us look impotent.
    Drawn attention to the malfeasance by politicians and political actors in countless posts and articles? Ineffective. They care not about the opinions of any who disagree, and have actively and AGGRESSIVELY utilized the organs of OUR OWN GOVERNMENT to deny any political redress.
    Formed marketing groups to sell goods and services to like-minded people who would most likely have supported those business anyway?
    Sorry, but that one sticks in my craw as being a dodge (no pun intended) to avoid actual action.

    I’m sure most retorts here will include something along the lines of “What have you done?”
    I stood in front of a group of absolute strangers at TLDavis Liberty Summit in Mercer PA 4 years ago and proposed a very concrete and earth shattering idea.
    Turn out congress at gun point.
    The other ideas were bumper sticker campaigns and home schooling and wait for the trouble to get to their own front door.
    Now, we’re so much farther down that road andSTILL we do nothing.
    “Getting the word out!?”
    Check any internet board or comment section. People know more than enough. The word is out.

    And back to voting…
    Even if the R’s claim the senate, do you really think impeachment proceedings will commence? Do you think amnesty will go away? What will you do when another illegitimate executive order is issued in place of lawfully passed legislation?
    Wail and gnash your teeth?
    Draw attention to the illegality of it with MORE articles and posts?
    Form a marketing society?
    Will you knock those who didn’t vote? Will you be proud of your vote?
    Will you finally realize that voting for the “lesser of two evils” is still voting against your interests?

    I truly mean no offense. I’m not the type to try to insult people into seeing my point of view.
    But I see no encouraging signs or activity to dissuade me from believing my children will be fucked.

    • In case it was unclear, I’m not an advocate of voting for the lesser of two evils. Here’s something I just posted at WRSA to responses about not going to vote at all, as you see from my response to Mel, I believe that even if you are only going to vote for one person on the ballot, because the rest do not espouse your beliefs or convictions, you should go and vote for the one.
      “Do you have the right to complain when you don’t win the lottery if you don’t play?Hell No! Whether you believe your vote does or does not count in elections, you still need to make the effort. Are you telling me your vote doesn’t count in a local election? At what level does it become ineffective, Local State, Federal? I understand your frustration, but if you do not participate in the game, you can’t complain about the outcome of that game, manipulated or not. Please explain how it is your duty to stand up with arms against tyrants, ready to kill if necessary, but it is not a duty to participate in trying to keep tyrants at bay through peaceful means at the voting booth. Do you believe it is your duty to speak out at rallies, using the aforementioned First Amendment Right? Is the only time you are willing to participate, a time when you’re being confrontational? I wholeheartedly agree that participation in a part of the electoral process seems to be without merit, but here’s the thing that I think about when I go. The reason we’re in this situation in the first place is, in part, due to that very attitude by those who came before us. They got lax or indifferent, and we got screwed! Most of the people like this that I know and have talked to will try and give me the whole “What’s the point, it’s rigged.” line. They are not going because it’s inconvenient for them, not out of a sense of indignation to the whole corrupt affair. They’re lazy, but want to hide it by sounding as if they’ve had a personal epiphany one day.Funny thing is, I know they don’t have the slightest clue, and are repeating some talking points they heard on fox news that morning. If you don’t exhaust every peaceful avenue left to you, before going to guns, you’re failing to understand what the Founding Fathers example taught us. They exhausted every means at their disposal, when dealing with England, until they had no choices left. It’s that simple, follow the example of Jefferson, Washington, and Adams, or not. If you guys think “Withdrawing your consent by not participating” will have any effect, you’re right, it will, it will make the vote of those thousands of illegals just in, even stronger than if you had at least participated. Do I believe it’s rigged? SURE, at least at certain levels. Do I still participate? SURE, To not do so would be a slap in the face to those who created this system for us to begin with. Do what you want, but remember this quote, “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” Do I believe we can get back what we’ve lost, without bloodshed? No. Will I do everything I can to try and peaceably stop it before we get to that point, even if it appears futile? Yes I will, it is irresponsible to do otherwise.”

  6. Sir, although I’m certain we will never run afoul of each other during a contest of wills to establish Liberty, indeed, I hope we find ourselves in the same AO in such an eventuality, please know with certainty that it is not laziness nor cluelessness that discourages me from voting. It is people who continue to lend legitimacy to this broken and corrupt system, and the process, who are causing the most damage. I am not giving legitimacy to those illegal voters…you are. By casting a vote alongside an illegal one, with no way to prevent that illegal vote, you are saying they have the same voice as you and have as much a say as you do.
    Imagine if you were to run in a competitive race, but the “rules” stated you must run with sub par footgear and must carry extra weight, as well as giving the competition a head start because of some perceived, specious grievance or disability of the other runners.
    Would you participate?
    If you did and lost, would you complain? Would you run another race under the same set of “rules” and expect a different outcome?
    We do not have a duty to vote before we fulfill our duty to ensure the voting is just.
    Please give that some thought.

  7. And further, I disagree about why we’re in this mess.
    We are in this mess because people thought certain things COULD be voted on, and lent legitimacy to the notion by voting against it.
    Who would actually participate in an election if one of the issues on the ballot was to reinstate slavery or abolish Christianity in America?

    • Dan, I never said YOU were lazy, I said this “Most of the people like this that I know and have talked to”. This only referred to those I personally spoke of, no one else. You said “Who would actually participate in an election if one of the issues on the ballot was to reinstate slavery or abolish Christianity in America?” What do you think we’re doing right now, if not voting against those things, or not voting and it being implied that you’ll except those things?

  8. And by voting on these things, we’re admitting they’re up for grabs! Subject to the passions of the mob. I’m sure you know enough about it, as I’ve read enough of your posts to see, but our government was instituted as a republican form to act as a brake on such mob rule. Clearly, we have strayed very far from such a notion. Our representatives have failed us, for generations, to refuse to heed such irrational and selfish demands.
    By voting against such practices as slavery and forced participation and redistribution of wealth, in a democratic fashion, it is those voting, participating in the process, who must accept the outcome, is it not?

    And I took no true offense at the “lazy” aspect of your comments. Certainly there are folks in that category, and many who are simply ignorant of so many things…but you can bet your ass they know how their fantasy football picks are performing, ya know?

    Also, iirc, we actually met. In WV at Mosbys combat caribe course in June ’13. I was the guy you helped with his molle vest, my “poor mans body armor” as u called it! Still have it but have upgraded to the belt John had. Can’t find anybody around here to entrust the old stuff to. I’m south of Boston. Some good folks but nobody as rabid as I that I have found yet.

    But back to the matter, when our team runs a guy with no fundamental difference from the opposition, what am I voting for? And I don’t mean why necessarily, but to what ends? Either way I get universal healthcare and assault weapons bans and redistribution.
    And, further, why would I vote when the promises made to me are repeatedly broken?

  9. If “voting” made a difference it would have been outlawed decades ago. Voting Day is there to make the people think they have a voice/choice in who rules them. And it has been for decades – but most have to big of an ego to admit they have been duped – especially by those they have “Voted” for.

    By continuing to “Vote” in one of the 2 controlling parties you/we only continue to legitimize and SUPPORT their control, corruption and criminal actions.

    Its become a Team match more than anything – The “Conservatives” will only vote for a criminal with a R in front of his name so that the R team will WIN.. And the “Liberals” will do the same for the D’s.

    Its a Sport – Bread and Circuses for all.

    The last “elections” have put the Incumbent Criminals back into office 80-90% of the time. People don’t care who wins, let alone their background criminality as long as their R or D wins the game. And just as your Sport Heroes will Cheat and Lie ti win a game so will every politician, and will very rarely be held accountable – unless he wont pull the party/criminal line.

    So.. Vote? No. I’m of the opinion that if you do vote you are part of the problem as you are enabling the system to continue. Especially if you are one of the MOST who just vote party line – For the team.

    • As I’ve said before, you’re supporting the system every day by paying taxes, fees for cars, etc. why not do something that might at least have an effect at the local level, and doesn’t cost you a Damn thing? Hell, the most important election in my opinion, is for the Sheriff of you county. As far as this “By continuing to “Vote” in one of the 2 controlling parties you/we only continue to legitimize and SUPPORT their control, corruption and criminal actions.” Who ever said vote for one of two parties. Hell, I’m registered as a member of the Constitution Party. If they only give me two parties to choose from for a specific race, and I think both of them are crooks, I won’t vote for either….simple.

  10. Reblogged this on The Defensive Training Group and commented:
    As JC, I firmly believe we should vote, or at least show up and review candidates, issues, and so forth as a duty of citizenship, whether or not the game is ‘rigged’. Personally, I never vote for an incumbent, never vote for any tax increase or millage whatsoever, and always vote against anything that legislates wild game management. But that’s me. Others choose to use not voting as their protest and removal of their consent to be governed. That’s their choice; we can disagree and debate. Nice thing about Freedom of Speech the Founders made sure was in the Bill of Rights…..

    • So you think that your vote doesn’t count (something that is recorded for posterity, correct?), but people give a shit about what you say to them (in one ear, out the other) about some asshat winning an election? Well, it’s a technique I guess. Talk all you want about the screwed up voting process/rigged system, etc., but complaining about someone that got elected, when you didn’t participate to keep them out, makes you sound like the perpetual complainer (all talk, no action).

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