The Hypocrisy Of “The Powers That Be”, And The Usurpation Of Rightful Liberty

24 Oct. 2014

A Frein Search area

Search area for Frein

Recently, my friend Max posted this about The Eric Frein situation in Pennsylvania, and I decided to expand on this idea, and give some of my recent, and prior thoughts (two old posts from my other blog) on what is happening right now in PA. The search for Frein started on September 12th, and continues to the present (a month and a half later). How long do you think this search would have been allotted, if it was a civilian that had been murdered in an identical event. Three days, a week, maybe? In all honesty, I doubt they would have even searched for three days….HYPOCRISY MUCH? Then, let’s talk cost. How much do you think the search has cost taxpayers? They have shut down hunting areas, and schools over this manhunt. These actions, even though Governor Corbett said this, “The night of the incident … he had the opportunity to shoot civilians at the Blooming Grove barracks at the same time he shot police officers” but did not.”


Pic from the past in Watertown

“Pennsylvania state police have been joined by law enforcement officials from New York and New Jersey state police, the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service and other federal agencies. The FBI alone has between 140 and nearly 200 of its staff in the field each day, Hanko said, including agents, analysts, technicians, three full SWAT teams and members of a hostage rescue team.” THEY ARE LOOKING FOR ONE GUY, WHO HASN’T BEEN SHOWN TO HAVE ATTACKED ANYONE SINCE SEPT. 12! Sound familiar. Watertown maybe? They have displaced families while looking for this guy, with no true rational reasoning behind these infringements. I’ve heard a number of reasons that Frein supposedly had for the original attack, and I’m not going to list them, since I have yet to see any of them verified. Apparently a number of searches have been made without warrants, I’ll quote Prince Law from Max’s earlier noted post, “The State Police have been searching this area for two weeks. And while we applaud the fact that many recent searches have been conducted pursuant to valid warrants, that fact does not excuse the warrantless searches without probable cause of individual cars and homes.”        This is exactly right! Exigent circumstances, do not allow them to violate the Constitutionally guaranteed (not given) rights of Americans.

A EPA_Monroe-Frein-WEB2


Americans are being tested again, and failing abysmally.  Here’s an example “I’m in the safest place in America right now with all these policemen and SWAT teams around,” Charlie Babaz said from behind the counter of Mountainhome Antiques. This kind of attitude is what allows Thugs to conduct “Business as usual.”, and makes them realize they can get away with it. As Prince Law said in Max’s earlier post, the police are under no obligation to protect you. So why are they shutting areas down? Because they’re being allowed to. They are setting “Precedents” that can be referred to later, as a raison d’etre for other situations, it’s that simple.

If you are a Patriot, a believer in Rightful Liberty, don’t fail this test when it comes to your neighborhood (and it will, you can believe that). Wargame in your head how you will deal with it if personally confronted with this situation, and speak out when you see these infringements taking place or being talked about among others.

A 15983779-large

LEO’s searching for Frein


Here’s two other posts penned last year, concerning the Watertown/Boston bombing debacle.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


  Not With A Bang, But With A Whimper

      In this post, I’m not going to bore you with what I speculate really happened at the Boston Marathon, because as troubling as the circumstances leading up to the bombing were, the aftermath is what shows us where the real problem is. LOCKDOWN! What exactly is a lockdown? Apparently a “Lockdown” is when the government knows they don’t have the authority to declare martial law, but they want to do it anyway. A “Lockdown” is something that is done to a prison after a serious incident, to contain a situation. Do you understand what I just said, the people in of that area were treated like convicts serving time! One 19 year old man, was able to scare the law enforcement, and administrators of that area, so bad, that they took away the everyday (fourth amendment) freedoms of the local populace, till they felt it was all clear. And they still didn’t find him, till a civilian (just released from his home by his benevolent captors) noticed something out of the norm in his back yard, and called the police.

     Give me a break people. The ancestors of the people in that area are turning over in there graves right now, seeing how their descendants have become an emasculated husk of the people they once were. At least the British went to that area with the intent of taking on more than on 19 year old, and they did it with less men. The response by those in authority was so over the top and out of line, that they should be held criminally liable for the gross violations inflicted upon the people of that area, in the name of “public safety” and “security”. Some of the pictures I’ve seen, showing people being forced out of their homes at gunpoint, showing their “papers” to National Guardsmen and others, and being required to allow a search of their homes by individuals (with no warrant) who can be best described as “Kevlar Commandos”, makes me sick to the point of nausea.

       If it wasn’t bad enough, that the Republican’ts presidential nominee, Mittens Romney, hadn’t already tried to disarm them. Now they have law enforcement from everywhere East of the Mississippi, and a few from across the river, descending on their little burg like locusts on a cash crop, all while telling them “We’re from the government, we’re here to help.” or, “Let the ‘Professionals’ handle it.” Guess what, the “Professionals” didn’t handle it, an unarmed civilian did, and good for him and his situational awareness.

        It seems like this is a recurring theme recently. Dorner in Cali raised the blood pressure of a few LEO’s, to the point of having some serious incidents (I don’t call those accidents, they were done on purpose), because some cops pull triggers first, and ID later. Is this the way things are gonna go from now on? I’ve got an idea, why don’t we show every terrorist in the world how to shut down our society. Oops, to late, we just did, and to make matters worse, they now realize they only need about 35 guys to shut down the entire country, that’s only the size of an Infantry platoon. Are you kidding me? Where are the Americans that actually have the guts to stand up for something, and put those evil bastards on notice with these words “NOT ON MY WATCH” and will make sure the Government realizes it applies to them, as well as the terrorists who mean to do harm to OUR country.

       I believe Franklin said something to the effect of “If you are willing to give up some of your freedom, for a small amount of perceived security, you don’t deserve either.” Freedom requires work. It requires us to keep track of what our representatives are doing at all levels, not just the federal one. I am as guilty as anyone of not following up, and keeping these guys accountable. Recently I have addressed my lack of enthusiasm for dealing with politicians, and I plan on doing my part as much as I hate dealing with them. It’s easy to say “What can I do, it’s useless?” or “I can’t make a difference”, but we have to use all peaceful means at our disposal, before we choose the final option. I understand your frustration, and I’m right there with ya, but you need to be able to look yourself in the mirror, and say with a clear conscience that you did everything you could, before you consider the last option, only you will know the truth.

      War is a terrible thing, but there are times when it is a necessary evil. Gen R.E. Lee said, it is good that war is so terrible, lest we grow to fond of it. As a combat veteran, I understand what he meant, and hope to not have to see another one in my lifetime. Incidents like LA, and Boston make me realize that the hope I had is fading fast. Unlike alot of people, Veterans have a clear duty. We took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. If you meant that oath, but have done nothing but complain, you are the problem, because unlike civilians, you know better, and have put it on the line before. To LEO’s I say this, you took an oath also, and saying “I was just following orders” under the auspices of “Public safety” doesn’t cut it, and eventually you’ll be held accountable. You have a clear Constitutional responsibility to make the right and legal choice, and you’ll have no excuse when justice comes around, if you take the easy, safe route.

       Do you have food storage, weapons and ammo, first aid supplies? Do you know how to use them? You better get on it people, time is short, and your town could be next. What are you gonna do if your under that “Kevlar Commando’s” gun, whimper, or exercise your God given rights as a FREE MAN? Remember, the nail that sticks up gets pounded down. If your one who will stand up for a free man’s rights, when no one else will, I’ve got your back, and will stand beside you. I’m a Sheepdog, we protect the sheep from the wolves, whatever breed they are. If you’re a tyrant or terrorist, I’ll let you in on a short and sweet saying I use, regarding your dealings with me, “Life is short, it’s shorter if your a thug.” I’ll summarize with another quote from Gen Lee which is at the header of my blog. “Do you duty in all things, you cannot do more, you should never wish to do less.”. Can you say you can do no more?


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

Saturday, May 11, 2013

LEO’s, And The Choice

     To the Law Enforcement Officers out there, It’s this simple people, you are either a protector of the Constitution, and everything it espouses, or you are not. Don’t try to tell me how most cops are good men, and support the peoples right to live, and let live without infringing on their rights. But at the same time, they oppress the peoples inalienable rights when ordered to do so. These pieces of feces along with these guys should be hung, PERIOD! You might say, “Oh, they’re not the norm.”. Well, to that I say “Prove it.” Look at this picture

A 417969_559549270751770_1082566685_n (1)

See anything unusual, like WHY IS HE POINTING A WEAPON AT THE CAMERA!

     Any cop that participated in the “Lockdown” and subsequent mass 4th Amendment violation in Watertown, Mass, is a THUG, and should at the very least lose his job for violating the oath he has taken.

      I’ve seen way too many pics of cops pointing their weapons at people coming out of their homes for NO GOOD REASON!

A bpd7 (1)

 A lock3 (1)

       You know they already knew what the 19 year old boy they were looking for looked like. If they didn’t, how would they know it was him when they found him. This was an act of mass PLANNED terrorism on the part of the government, plain and simple. It was a test, and apparently the people of Watertown failed. miserably.

A 5171fbc55621a-image (1)

Applause, really?

       The footage I saw, looked like something out of Iraq, they’re called Cordon and Search operations. Think about the logistics involved in getting 10,000 cops into the same town, and coordinating this type of an operation, with supposedly three days MAX of prep time, really? I don’t think so. Do you really think this wasn’t already in the works, when the bombing took place? They can’t respond to natural disasters in a timely and organized manner, but if it’s something where they can “Get their gun off”, they’re johnny on the spot.  Explain this, concerning Craft International being at the marathon, apparently an investigative reporter can’t.

     This is the thing, If you’re a LEO, you better decide RIGHT NOW, where you stand. Are you a Constitutionalist like these LEO’s?

A threepernewjerseypatch2 (1)

Or are you a jackbooted thug, willing to do whatever “The Powers That Be” tell you to do? You can’t use the excuse that “I was just following orders because I didn’t want to lose my job.”. Ask the prison camp guards tried at Nuremberg, how that defense went for them. Have no illusion, if your a thug, you’ll get yours, and soon.There are enough of us to make life very interesting for you when we are put into a corner, and that’s exactly where you people are allowing this to go. What, you think you can’t change the direction this is going? Sure you can. If enough Constitutional minded LEO’s had stood up and said no, to the fourth amendment violations they were ordered to do in Watertown, Mass, it wouldn’t have happened.

     You better be able to figure out some way to let us know your a Constitutionalist, because it’s starting to get a little hard to tell who the good guys are. Understand something, most of my friends are LEO’s, and/or present and prior military, and I have minced no words, telling them how I feel about this. Of course, they would not be a friend if they were not Constitutionally minded to begin with. You, as a Law Enforcement Officer, can be judge, jury, and executioner, and this is why you have to be held to a higher standard.  You will be held to account for the crimes you commit, and the ones you don’t stop if you have the ability to do so, whether under color of law or not.

A 739px-Anton_Dostler_1945_b (1)

A stuthof5 (1)

Whether by firing squad or Hanging, Understand, this is what you’ll earn if your a thug. Keep in mind, we’re just as much equal opportunity now as we were then for thugs.

        It’s a simple choice, Constitutionalist, enforcing Constitutional Laws, or a Thug, enforcing the tyrannical edicts from those who would oppress the ones they supposedly represent.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

13 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy Of “The Powers That Be”, And The Usurpation Of Rightful Liberty

  1. Good stuff. Can we “wargame” some of it here because I keep ending up at “you lose” and need a bigger brain? Okay, bad shit has happened nearby and LEO cordons and locks down the area. Roadblocks and searches are everywhere as they track down their man. Assuming you’re not the one they’re after, an important caveat these days, the question is how to best oppose getting one’s car or house tossed or other violation. Verbally refusing will likely end badly in that circumstance. Doing so while legally (there’s that word again) holding a weapon will end even worse. How is a better outcome obtained?

    • Good question Daniel. I don’t have many answers, but what I do know is this. The first step is being part of a team, not just running as an individual. Two would be having a secure comms network with that team and having video capability livestream to them (can cell phones do that?), and along with that, a way to get info out fast, and to a very large audience (isn’t social media a great double edged sword?). Conducting reconnaissance operations (go pro)of local and state LEO checkpoints (motorcycle is best for obvious reasons) to identify weak points, personnel etc. One of the things I read that was interesting was this. A group of displaced individuals (kept from going to their homes) had come up with a plan to push through a checkpoint, upon hearing this, LEO’s said it wouldn’t be a good idea, but opened up the checkpoint less than an hour after. This was some people sticking together to form a plan of “attack” (opsec apparently sucked), and when the LEO’s found out, they realized they better stand aside in an orderly, “We’ll let you in.” kind of way.

  2. Thanks. I hadn’t heard that about the checkpoint going away when about to be pushed. No easy answers but I truly want to make the right decisions if placed in that situation. I wish I knew in advance what they looked like. On the one hand we can’t just keep taking it, but on the other I won’t roll with those whose first reaction is guns.

    • I’ve heard there is an app for smart phones that tells you where speed traps are. Would be nice to adapt this to the whole gamut of LEO operations, as it pertains to avoiding them and their thuggery if at all possible.

  3. Outstanding post in many respects. In the cases of pedophile priests, you can change churches. Teachers in schools that sexually prey on students, you can change schools or home-school. But what can you do about corrupt, out of control cops? They are all corrupt to varying degrees, and unlike priests or teachers, corrupt cops can (and do) deprive us of reputation, livelihood, property, and they can even take our LIFE!!! They are the worst of the bunch because of the severity of harm they can do, even to the innocent. Fire them all, and nothing but elected sheriffs and deputies from now on. Before you “honest cops” start your bluff-and-bluster about how honest YOU are, tell us your “Cops Against Police Brutality” membership number and the mailing address of the local chapter you belong to. Otherwise, STFU. and I heartily agree!

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  6. i am debating an individual over at theconservativetreehouse on the actions of law enforcement and how they are not there to protect you but to serve the state…I stated that only you are responsible for your own safety and there reply was thats what they pay cops for to keep them safe…It amazes me that people are still so ignorant of all the abuse my badged thugs that they still think they are heros…I told them there is no difference between a cop and the mafia protection racket…They both hold a gun to your head and demand protection money…I told them even the best cop who has never went against the constitution or harmed an innocent is still getting paid by funds stolen out of your pocket…

  7. Thanks for this discussion. It may be useful to work on changing modern American word usage away from the present situation in which LEOs are NOT considered civilians, toward civilian=non-mil. That could also help reinvigorate posse comitatus and lessen the approval of militarizing LE.

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