Semantics, And The Strategic Use Thereof

14 June, 2014


I had another great Memorial Day weekend, helping my buddy Max with his patrolling class. Perfect weather, got to meet some more true patriots (this is one of the ways I network), and what a great way to memorialize the sacrifice of so many, by preparing for the time when we might have to do the same thing. My Girlfriend (Mason Dixon Vixon) and I were also able attend the BBQ at Max’s place on 7 June, and once again, just like Patcon, we met some great patriots, and had a great time.

As you know, if you read my blog much, I generally don’t talk much about the political side of things. I usually try to keep it simple, because when you get into discussing politics, and the tactics of politicians, it gets complicated and messy in a hurry. I was getting ready for a radio appearance next week, and while doing some research, I decided to post some thoughts on the whole semantics game that the Administration is playing.

Semantics defined:

The language used (as in advertising or political propaganda) to achieve a desired effect on an audience especially through the use of words with novel or dual meanings.

     Chicago PD and the Batfags (BATFE to the uninitiated) have once again done this, and this time they’re going after a term in use by patriots all across the Liberty movement. Whether your Scam Kerodin at III Percent Patriots, or MVB at Sipsey Street Irregulars (two of the more well known 3%er bloggers) it doesn’t matter. This is a direct theft and redefining of a term in common use among patriots, for the tyrant’s perverted ends. We’ve seen this before. The term “Patriot”, and “Militia” have both been subverted to initiate a reaction among the sheeple. When you say militia, what is the average response? “Oh, those neonazi guys?”.

Are you people connecting the dots? Obama just discussed the big frustration from his presidency here. I think he has a serious issue with pathologically lying (I know you know this), since Australia is having its own problems with their “awesome” gun controls system, and he has the nerve to try and push it on us. In other news we have the Miller shootout in Las Vegas, and God knows what really happened, but so far “The Powers That Be” have tried to make them out to be “Patriot Nuts”, and will probably try to use the supposed visit to the Bundy ranch by them, as a reason to go after Bundy. Supposedly they made statements to neighbors (of all of two weeks) that they wanted to kill cops, and then hole up somewhere. It’s been said they said “This is the start of the revolution!” after killing the cops in the pizza joint, then draped them with a Gadsden flag. If you don’t see the spin being made by the tyrannical thugs to use as reasons to enslave us, your an imbecilic child, and deserve to have your rights stolen, due to your lack of caring.

Does it strike you as convenient or coincidence that Holder announced the formation of a Task Force to fight “Homegrown Terrorism”? He then uses the 2009 Ft Hood shooting as an example of the “why”. Didn’t they refuse to call that terrorism, and said it was simply “Work place violence”? (Semantics much?) Let’s not forget that Harry Reid wants to go after people that were at the Bundy ranch, standing up to the BLM, and has said they are “Domestic Terrorists” (Semantics).So let’s see, Task force for home grown terrorism+ Patriot Nut-Miller/cops shooting in Las Vegas, which they tried to tie to the people a senator has labeled as domestic terrorists + Obama wants Australian gun control+ The III%er label being co-opted towards “Illegal gun” runners (Semantics).

What’s the point of this essay? The point is, do the math DAMNIT! They are using semantics to set us up for slaughter (1984 anyone?)! Just like Watertown , the sheeple will bleet and clap, rejoicing that once we’re gone, they will again be safe from the “fill in the blank” Patriots, Militia, III%ers, Survivalists, Domestic Terrorists, etc. You had better be ready, having already decided how you will respond to the threat. Whether it’s the semantics threat (point that shit out to people, and have facts, not internet stories, to back up the defense of your position) or the physical threat (You’ve been training, HAVE A PLAN, and you’re doin’ PT, RIGHT?). Educate those around you. Have video of you speaking about what you believe, and give copies of it to your true friends (you know TPTB will use ANYTHING you’ve said on the internet to smear you, right?). Don’t be that jackass that I saw the other day on FB saying that “‘O’ needs another hole in his head”. That’s moronic, and shows a lack of adult restraint on that individual’s part (yeah, that’s what we need, him as a martyr, martyr’s always do no wrong). Speak facts, not conjecture, because when someone figures out you’re just a sensationalist, you’ve lost a listener.

Time is short people, don’t squander it on trivial BS. You have a responsibility to take care of your family by planning ahead. Even if you only buy 2 or 3 extra cans a week at the store, in a month you have 8-12, in a year you have 96-144 (doesn’t seem like much, but it is). Are you prepared to defend them?  “But guns and ammo are so expensive!” So was that new game system or IPhone you just bought, Dumbass! You should be actively prepping and planning to defend your family and friends “when” not “if” this storm comes. If not you are an irresponsible, self centered, Slug, and you deserve what happens (unfortunately, your family doesn’t.). I don’t care if you don’t come train with me, but by God, get it somewhere! Go to Max, or Defensive Training Group, or  Mosby. YOU are responsible for what you do, AND DON’T DO! Be the person that sees and carries out the responsibilities the Founding Fathers expected of Citizens. If not, no big deal, it’s just an idea past its prime…..right?


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



9 thoughts on “Semantics, And The Strategic Use Thereof

  1. It’s like when they say “Guns killed this or that many people….”. Well, a firearm is an inanimate object so to say that a gun killed someone is just plain dumb. Now you could say “Criminals killed some people” and that would make sense, but of course to the gun control crowd they don’t want to make sense they want to push an agenda.

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  3. I’ve seen and heard the same details that you have J.C. so you are not alone. As with any animal/mammal on the planet, there are some of us who smell the trouble on the wind and are preparing to face it one way or another. You just articulate it better than most. Thank you.

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  7. Thanks for putting in the add a few cans a week comment.I am a firm believer in “the smalls add up” phrase,whether tis skills/information or just a few cans of food/bags of rice ect.I have talked to many folks on limited budgets and explained this to them,also explained how this is what I had to do also but as work picked up added to supplies on a more regular basis(also bought a great new fishing rod).The nice thing is the folks I care enuff about to talk to have done with limited funds built some reserves whether for a man made or natural disaster.

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