18 thoughts on “The “Constitutional Militia”. And The Paramilitary

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  2. Not all of us fat guys will be humping the hills either. You need a fuckload of us to be the auxiliary. Food, medicine, transport, supplies, psyops, intel, coms, armory. Just cause we don’t hump the damn hills doesn’t mean we can’t fight.

    • I completely agree, the mil ratio is about 7-1 auxiliary to actual combatants. I’m not busting on “fat guys”, I’m trying to tell everybody what the realities of combat are, and what your priorities should be when preparing for that eventuality. If I was busting on you, I would treat you the way some others have, concerning your ability. or a lack thereof. Everyone has a role if they want it, but you need to be realistic about what role you can fulfill, it’s that simple.

  3. “Obviously, this is not the impression the MSMedia wants you to have of “The Militia”. They want you to think they’re a bunch of seriously overweight, conspiratorial, gun nuts, with delusions of grandeur.”

    Attempting to correct said impression is what got me permanently banned from Huffington Post-where I was doing a reasonably good job of pointing out the lies,half-truths and obfuscation in the drivel written by Dennis Henigan-(Brady campaign’s chief propagandist)
    This was about 4-5 years ago-anyhow-point being,there are in fact some great militia groups,despite the idiots who give militias a bad name.

    The drivel from said propagandist…

    “This week’s Time magazine cover story on “The Secret World of Extreme Militias” sounds an alarm that cannot be ignored. The threat of terrorism is real, but it does not originate with Al Qaeda alone. The danger of homegrown right wing political violence is just as real.

    The Time article describes, in chilling terms, the proliferation of heavily armed, right wing militias engaged in paramilitary training to resist the perceived “tyranny” of government authority. ”

    The man Henigan was referring to in his “quotes” from “militia members” reply to the lies,half-truths and obfuscation-(and posting a link to the truth is the reason I was banned from HuffPo)-

    I posted this…

    The TIME article was a hit piece,full of misrepresentations,here is part of the reply to TIME from the man the article was written about, Bob Shulz….

    Then this…

    “Dear Editor:

    I am featured in your cover article, written by Barton Gellman, though I cannot understand why. You have wholly mischaracterized me and the works of my Foundation, in order to shoehorn me into a piece that may work for TIME, but has no relevance to what Gellman and I discussed. The information I provided to Gellman, through more than six hours of face-to-face interviews, plus e-mails and written documentation, has been twisted and wholly taken out of context, rendering it inaccurate, misleading and libelous.

    There are so many falsehoods in what was attributed to me that I cannot address them all in this letter. I will take them up with TIME management. ”

    That is what the media does-makes shit up,and people believe it-this was in 2010-read some of the BS that’s been written about the Bundy ranch incident,the III%,Oathkeepers,and militias in the aftermath of the BLM backing down.

    • MSM has always, and will always subvert the perception people have of anyone not in lockstep with the agenda they espouse. That agenda is given to them by the “fill in the blanks” running the show from behind the curtain, and no matter who is “in charge” these individuals will always call the shots till a cataclysmic reset takes place. The MSM hasn’t got a enough of a collective drop of courage, integrity, or decency between them to fill a thimble. Anyone that stands up amongst them, even for a brief moment, is vilified and removed for being objective, and doing the right thing.

  4. I’m old, I’m slow. I won’t run unless my life depends on it and even then I won’t run far. But I’m the sneakiest SOB around and can hit a 1L bottle at 400 yards over iron sights with my antique .30 cal. rifle and home made match ammo. Sometimes being young, quick and bold isn’t as effective as age and treachery. Few today know the value of the shit dipped punjii trap, the shovel or the “L” shaped ambush. The “militia” needs to spend way more time on old school “11Bravo” training , SERE training, irregular warfare training & PT, and way less time on “why MSNBC is a bunch of assholes” & buying the latest “tacticool” fad. We need to stop the useless worry about the “hearts and minds” of the fat , the lazy , and the stupid. They’ll come around soon enough when their bellies get hungry and the lights go out. The ones that don’t never will. Most of the sheep won’t “rebel” until they see the door to the “killing room” anyway.(99% of the Jews went to there deaths without so much as a harsh word of protest) So lets focus on what we CAN do, and not what our enemy’s think. Lets focus on making the price of our children’s slavery so high that no one will be willing to pay it.

  5. J.C.,

    You have presented the very reasoning why most patriots have shied away from getting involved with anyone representing any group calling themselves “Militia”. That said, I do believe that there are those like myself in the 50+ year old range that would appreciate meeting and training with real patriots in a “real” militia like those you have described here in your article.

    Noting the training activities provided by your group and MVT, these skills have to be constantly practiced or they will perish over time. This is, in my humble opinion, where being in a good solid group of constitutionally like minded people this kind of training will be continuous, and on-going to become second nature should the call come at zero-dark-o’clock.

    So here is a question: Is there any good definitive source of militia units that operate in each state where a patriot can make contact with these units in his/her area of operation?

    With time running short, getting trained, and remaining proficient at arms afterward is of the utmost importance. Direction in this crucial area is anticipated and appreciated.



    • mark,
      three sites keep links to most militia units by locale. as you might imagine, there is a lot of variation between units in the states. we haven’t been listed for a few years, but still get a lot of inquiries.
      also check out uscrow.org. they have a starred section called cmf with their version of background info. hope you can find what you’re looking for.

      alamance county rangers.

  6. “I’ve seen a number of “Colonel Bob’s” out there. These I define as the heavily overweight, or inexperienced guys who start a unit of 4 guys, and automatically start wearing full bird colonel rank on their collar (four man unit with everyone of the captain rank or higher) . these guys are legends in their own minds, and are one of the reasons militias have a bad name.”

    These types will be the best dressed dead guys in the woods-and/or the ones who’s gear those of us who do train regularly will get to take from when they panic in any real life situation.

  7. Thanks for the hat tip, it was an honor to meet you and Vix and spend time forging new friendships and continuing with the existence of current ones.
    In Liberty,

  8. Where I totally “get it” that alot of people want to join the militias (especially now), people HAVE to understand their own limitations. As mentioned above.. its not just about getting YOU out of sticky situation, its about getting your Battle buddy, or even worse yet, your UNIT out of a sticky situation. If your unit is relying on you to run to that power box and cut power during a night raid, and you cant do it and the lights flip on… you just got your whole unit killed. I for one will admit Im not in the BEST shape I could be in, but I aim to change that and work on it daily… as should ALL militia members. I am the CO of my unit, statewide I have over 300 people under me. I have to set a good example for them as our combatants are EXPECTED to be hard asses. you and your buddies lives depend on it. Train hard and train often… WITH your gear on. get used to operating in it, you life will depend on it one day.. and you had better be in shape when that day comes.

    If you cant get to that point, that doesn’t mean you cant still be of vital use to your unit. Logistics are EVERY bit as important as any combatant is. Know your limitations and place yourself accordingly.

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