A Simple M60 Sling Modification For Your Rifle

Sunday, Feb 23, 2014


The plethora of “tactical slings” available to the consumer boggles the mind. Choices range from single-point, two-point, and three-point slings, and all are billed as “The only sling you should attach to God’s own laser!”. About 17 years ago, even though I could have gone the “Tacticool” route to fit in with the square range crowd, and just buy a commercial sling, I decided to make my own. I wanted something that was simple, durable, and cheap., and the modification I came up with for the M60 padded sling, is just that.

We start with a standard issue M60 padded sling, for photo purposes, it is attached to an M4, but I have used the same sling set up on AK’s, FAL’s, HK91’s and the M1A SOCOM.


I usually trim the rifle butt end of the sling strap, since in the final adaptation, this will place the padded section on your shoulder where it should be. You’ll take a common 1 1/2 inch wide fastex buckle (bought mine at Gander Mountain) with the two slot locks on both ends (see pic) or a double slot, single slot version.


You will start threading (double slot end, if you have a double single model) it through the long (muzzle) end of the sling, till it is almost up to the padded section (see pic)


You’ll want to thread it through both slots, so the buckle will be pointing towards the butt end of the sling. This will help ensure that the sling does not work its way through the buckle over time, as it is locked against the slot. Next, take the muzzle end of the sling, with the original metal sling slider already on the sling about 6-7 inches up from the sling tip, and feed it through your sling swivel/attachment point.(see pics)



Upon completion of this step, you will route the sling through either the outer slot on a two slot buckle, or the only slot on a single, and then feed it through the original metal sling slider. (see pic)


That’s as easy s it is. Voila, you have a “tactical sling” that didn’t break the bank. This modification will effectively help you to secure your weapon close to the body, either front or back, without having to slide the sling through the metal sliders (pain in the ass, and slooooow), or have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a “tacticool” sling from whoever happens to be the vender in vogue for the week. As you see in the pics, the sling can be instantly adjusted from short to long, with the release or coupling of the fastex buckle.



As you can see from the following pics, the weapon will be high and close to the body (but still easily accessible by unclipping the buckle, WITH YOUR NON DOMINANT HAND!) in the short configuration. Adjustments are made by making the loop (excess sling material between the buckle slots) bigger or smaller. Making the loop bigger will tighten the sling to your chest. In the In the long configuration, it needs to be adjusted (adjusting the front metal slider tighter or more loosely) so you can easily shoulder your weapon, but it still gives you somewhat of a stable sling position. (see pics)




You don’t need to buy the latest fad gear to be proficient with your weapon. Some thing are worth the money, some are for looks. Slings are an accessory I would not want to be without on my long gun, any more than I would want to be without a holster for my handgun. Keep it simple stupid (KISS) Is something that should be stressed throughout you gear selection, for the same reason you practice gross (for the most part), not fine, motor skills in weapon manipulation training. It’s easier to learn, easier to perform, and from a gear standpoint, less complicated usually means more durable (less to go wrong). For you guys with the underfolder AK’s or similar stock configurations, this mod puts your rifle up and out of the way, more than any other stock type. Hell, you can adjust it so the pistol grip is at shoulder height.


For M4 owners, keep in mind, you stock needs to be in the position you shoot from (6 position stock types), when you adjust the sling length, unless you have the sling attachment point on a rear receiver mount. I hope this helps those of you out there that have asked me for advice on slings. This is just a variation of a two-point sling, that uses readily available materials.

Next post “The Modular Molle Ghillie System”


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17 thoughts on “A Simple M60 Sling Modification For Your Rifle

  1. Well thought out. Thanks for sharing. You’ve given me a few ideas.

    One of our guys uses a modern fancier sling then me. He uses it on his M4. It seems to work well for him but I cant get use to a sling/weapon attached to my body. I use an old German leather sling for both my AKMS and my Ak74. Before that I just used 550 cord. Maybe because I’m old school and we just had simple canvas slings back in the day..

    Its great to be here. I didn’t realize you have a blog …


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  3. JC: I’m also a huge fan of the 2 point sling over the 1 point (which doesnt accomplish much of what a sling is supposed to do IMO) and a 3 point ( complex plus I am not used to it).
    Glad to see I am not the only one “behind the times” 😉
    2 points do all I need them to and nothing I dont need …

    • The closest I’ve come to using a one point sling, was a wolf hook system (works best for a short breaching shotgun IMO)which you can use along with a standard two point sling, and it’s easily detachable. Not a huge fan, it has very limited application, and I’d never forgo the security of a two point sling. It only took getting rapped in the twig and giggle berries once to show me a major reason not to use it!

  4. M-60 sling was cool before tactical was cool. Mid-80s as the weapon’s custodian and radio guy for the FO I seriously got tired of the very sub-standard sling we were issued with so I noticed in the accessories dept of the USMC supply system a top sling adapter for the M-16. Convinced the OIC to sign off on procuring one and put it on my weapon for field carry, so I was tacticool long before anyone else, at least sling wise. But your mod far outshines what I rigged up with the adapter and M-60 sling.

  5. Good idea. The M-60 sling is a classic. I ran a hank of 1″ tubular nylon for years just looped around my neck. Of course that was when a CAR-15 weighed 7 lbs.

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  7. You can also use the “state department draw” from the normal sling position and engage a target fast. I was taught that in the Corps back in the 80s and never forgot that or “splatter vision.”

  8. We had the older M-60 slings, the OD canvas longer than a std M-14 sling,(may possibly been the same one they used for the M-14E2) took one and hooked it to my new M-16A1/M-203, and carried it the same way in the early-mid 70’s. Worked great.

  9. Is there a reliable source for these? There seems to be many different “m60 slings”, some of which are genuine, some repros etc….

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