Defensive Tools- The Revolver

These weapons posts I wrote for another blog and I’m reposting them here
30 Sept, 2012
In the world of defensive firearms, an often overlooked tool is the revolver. Specifically, we’re talking about the double action revolver. Todays selection of double action revolvers is better than ever, and a few of the pro’s you can attribute to the DA revolver are these: 1) Simplicity- A double action revolver is as simple a handgun as is possible to have, and still be a viable defensive firearm. To load, you simply push or pull the cylinder release, push the cylinder open to the left, and either load single rounds into the chambers or you can also use a speed loader to load all chambers at once, then close the cylinder. It is now loaded and ready for use. No safety to worry about, it’s ready to go. 2) Reliability- A double action revolver is very reliable. If you have a bad round, that does not discharge when the trigger is pulled, you pull it again, and the next round comes into battery, and you continue to fire. You also don’t have to worry about mag spring failure, since there is no mag spring to fail over a long loaded period 3) Size- Double action revolvers are available in compact, lightweight 5 shots, all the way up to 8 shot long barreled tack-drivers. 4) Power- The most powerful repeating handguns are available only in revolvers. Con’s 1) They are in need of a competent gunsmith, if there is a problem, such as a cylinder timing issue, whereas an automatic can just have a part switched out, a revolver generally needs it fitted to the gun. 2) Speed of Use- Most people can not reload a revolver as fast as they can an automatic. Even with moon clips, they will generally not be as fast, and moon clips are as fast as you can get with a revolver. 3) Capacity- A revolver’s ammo capacity is not even close to most comparable automatics, unless your camparing the compacts. So here are my recommendations in the double action revolver category.
Smith & Wesson  S&W makes, by far, the best and broadest line of revolvers, bar none. Choose from the diminutive J frame 5 shot, the medium size K/L frame in most of the popular  defensive calibers, to the N frame, made for the bigger defensive and hunting rounds, and finally the massive X frame, which shoots the most powerful of repeating handgun rounds.  If your lookin’ for a compact, I suggest you look at the M60 or M360 in .357 magnum, you can always shoot the less powerful .38 Special round through these guns, but not visa versa. In the mid size range K/L frome I would suggest you look at the 586 (blue) or 686 (stainless) in the 6 or 7 shot model with a 4 inch barrel. In the N frame, you can go with the M625 6 shot in .45ACP, the 627 8 shot .357 magnum, the M29 6 shot .44 magnum/.44Special.  or the Governor in .410/.45ACP/.45LC. All of these should have 3-5 inch barrels to keep there size handy. In the X frame, calibers available are not really defensive calibers, per se, unless you defending yourself from dangerous game, they are the .460 S&W magnum and the .500 S&W
Taurus The best alternative to S&W along price vs quality comparison, is Taurus. Most Taurus revolvers are clones of S&W revolvers, and their quality is just a step below S&W, but still very acceptable. The suggestions I made for S&W applies equally to Taurus revolvers.
Ruger In the revolver world, everyone knows if you want a strong revolver, get a Ruger. Although they don’t have the selection that S&W has. Ruger makes revolvers that fit all the recommendations I made with the S&W revolvers, except for the 7 and 8 shot models. If you want a rock solid, survive the end of the world revolver, make it a Ruger.
Others choices include  Colt, Rossi, and Dan Wesson, but for the money, the three companies I listed above, rule the revolver market, and for good reason. Colt is good quality, but expensive. Rossi is very similar to Taurus, but not up to their quality. Dan Wesson has one big thing goin’ for it, the switch barrel option. This is a cool feature, but never one that really interested me, or I was willing to pay for, and you will pay for it with DW.
Next week, we’ll talk about Combat Shotguns
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